Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Off The Cuff in Kansas City

Most of you that read here know that I put in some long thought on the topics I post. That might lead you to believe that the few topics I touch on are the only things that interest me. Today, while listening to the news with one ear and diligently searching out lost revenue, a number of thoughts (yes, I can have more than one; shocking I know) we're going through my mind.

Juvenile Death Penalty

The Supreme Court has made the death penalty for people under the age of 18 unconstitutional. I think I get their reasoning to some degree. In our society, we don't really recognize people as an "adult" until they're 18, but I do wonder considering the number of cases where 16 and 17 year olds kill as cold bloodedly as their 20 and 30 something counterparts. If you were reading my "Front Page" entry, you'll note that there has been a rash of shootings in our city. Several of them between "youths". I'm not sure what I think about this rationale when a 16 year old can walk up to a car and spray it with 9mm bullets then calmly walk back over to their friend's car and drive away.

Somebody want to tell me that this kid had no idea what he was doing?

Anybody think that, by the time a 16 or 17 year old gets to the point that they can spray a car with bullets or just walk up to somebody they have a "grudge" against and put a bullet in their brain that they can be rehabilitated?

Based on this new ruling, I hope these folks are right.

But, I doubt it.

The Ten Commandments and Religious Symbols in Public Buildings

Let's start off with the fact that the big courthouse and county jail down town was built in the 30's and happens to have some quotes from famous Americans (some even say "God") and a few pertinent quotes from the bible inscribed in the granite. Or, the federal court house downtown has the words "In God We Trust" on a giant stone frieze right in front.

Anybody think that a court order to have these items removed is going to get passed around here?

I highly doubt it.

As noted on a previous post of mine, there's a big mural of John Brown holding a bible in one hand and a gun in the other inside the capital building in Topeka. It's huge and you really can't miss it. I imagine that a number of blue staters would have heart pulpitations if they saw it. Probably re-enforce their ideas about all the redneck, bible thumping, gun-toting crazies around here. It was painted in 1937 to depict the strife between the slavers and the free staters.

Anybody think that a court order to have this removed is going to get passed around here?

What is all this hoopla about removing the Ten Commandments and other things from courthouses? Seriously, does anyone think that they were put there to re-enforce Christianity? Or, to re-enforce the rule of law? What is wrong with ten commandments other than - gasp - they come from Judeo-Christian books? Don't most societies live by those credos in one form or the other?

Thou shalt not kill (or murder depending on whose version you're reading). Hey, is that a bad thing? Thou shalt not steal...Oooohhh, I know that is just forcing people to accept Christ as their savior left and right.

Frankly, it's a bunch of crap if you ask me. Most of these things have been in the courthouses for decades if not a century or two.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think the state should prosletyze, but, ummm...when's the last time you heard a judge order somebody to convert to Christianity or any religion for that matter? I haven't passed a ten commandments monument yet that stood up and told be I was going to burn in hell if I didn't come to Jesus.

I think the ACLU and our local atheist population ought to get over it. What I find really interesting is that you don't really hear the local Synogogue, Buddhist temple, or Mosque asking for this to be removed. No complaints there. Just some people that want to go the extra mile in removing certain things from public discourse. Like religion.

What's next? Maybe we should dump all the statues of Justice? I mean, she is a Greek goddess. Isn't that some sort of religious symbol? How about our money? Maybe we need to strip "In God We Trust" off of it? Let's go further. They make you take an oath to tell the truth in court. You used to put your hand on the bible. That's gone, but maybe somebody thinks that making an oath is contrary to their religion? Maybe we shouldn't have to take an oath?

Let's not stop there. You know, some religions think depictions of the human form are sinful. Maybe the statues on the courthouse lawn showing the policeman or the military or the fireman ought to go too? How about the faces of dead presidents and notables on our money? Maybe we should go there, too?

I guess, all I'm saying here is that there's something wrong about insisting on the removal of the ten commandments. We're getting a little crazy here. The ten commandments are a symbol of law not the state trying to re-enforce religion.

Somebody needs to get over themselves.

And, let me add this thought. While our laws are meant to protect the minority, that doesn't mean that the minority rights rule the majority.

Jessica Lunsford Still Missing

On pain of starting an unsubstantiated rumor, any bets this turns out to be the father or the friend of the father? If I read the story right, the father and the little girl live with his elderly parents and the mom lives in Ohio and has not been allowed to see the child. The father goes out that night with his friend (to a bar?), leaving little Jessica at home with his parents. The grandparents go to bed after tucking Jessica in. The father is "dropped off" by his friend sometime in the middle of the night. They wake up the next morning and find little Jessica's alarm going off and no Jessica.

Almost a week later, still no Jessica and certainly not in the area.

Considering the crimes these days committed by parents (although, I don't want to start a witch hunt considering the terrible murder in San Diego a few years ago when it turned out the neighbor kidnapped and murdered the child), my bets on daddy dearest and/or friend from the bar.

Any takers?

Taking Soda From The Schools

You know something I'm not hearing about in all this discussion about taking soda out of schools to save our fat children from obesity? I'm not hearing how these schools are going to replace the revenue from these machines and the matching funds they get from Pepsi or Coca Cola to buy new gym equipment, playground equipment, sports uniforms, etc, etc, etc

Helloooooooo????? All you do gooders out there trying to save us from ourselves. Thanks a lot. Now, are you going to be replacing these lost funds with any of your own donations?

Didn't think so.

Update I
Court For Illegal Combatants

First, let me say that I agree *gasp* with the court order to charge Jose Padilla or release him. He is a US citizen and he is guaranteed a fair trial under the constitution.

For the record, I think he should be charged with more than a simple felony of planning to commit terroristic acts or conspiring to committ murder or whatever the simplistic versions are. I think he should be charged with treason since the greater goal of these terrorists is to bring down the US government.

So, yes, by all means, charge this scum bag and get on with it. I'd like the US government to up the ante on people like this. If you are a US citizen, whether born or naturalized, and you conspire to harm US citizens, damage or destroy the government and interfere in any way the prosecution of war against our enemies, you are committing treason.

As for the other Non-American nationals, they don't deserve a day in our courts. They aren't citizens. They do not have any rights under the constitution. They committed acts of war against the US while not being part of any organized state military.

However, yes, I believe they should be brought before tribunals post haste, charged and sentenced appropriately. Death sentences would not bother me one bit.

We're not talking about some guys who stuck up the local 7-11 with a pencil in their pocket. We're talking people who most likely engaged in the murder of their own citizens, killed US soldiers, conspired to overthrow the US government or damage its interests abroad, conspired to kill US citizens, are complicit in the murder of US citizens on 9/11, aided and abetted a known fugitive who has committed mass murder on US soil, you name it, they've done it.

By all means, let us bring them to trial. But not in US civil or criminal courts. Military tribunals please and quickly. I'm tired of waiting for these folks to get some of their own.


Donal said...

The Ten Commandments does actually state that you have to worship the Christan god- "I AM THE LORD THY GOD, THOU SHALT NOT HAVE strange gods BEFORE ME." Although I do agree its not something to worry about in most cases. It depends on intent- I saw Roy Moore (the judge who had the Ten Commandments posted in his court) agrue that their is no need for seperation of church and state. I doubt Jessica Lunsfords father was involved for several reasons- he passed the polygraph test the police gave him, his "friend" was his girlfriend he was spending the night at her house and was dropped off in the morning to get ready for work, and her mother choose not to see her daughter since she was 1 year old and is a drug addict of some kind I belive.

Brian H said...

Now, Fat Kat, 16 tsp. of sugar per bottle/can of pop is not a Divine Right of Schoolkids.

Could probably raise even more money with a joint dispenser. Wanna try for that? ;)

Kat said...

Okay, donal..I'll accept that. I'd have to read Roy Moore's statements, but, yeah, if that's the purpose it's wrong. But I do have a problem with people going around trying to remove something from court houses (there's a placque in Dallas that has the 10 commandments on it and been there for 50 some years) that have been around forever. I want to know where it stops?

Maybe we gotta tear down the Lincoln memorial? I think he uses the word "God" in one of the quotes inscribed.

Thanks for reminding me, I did forget about the commandment that said "have no other gods before me".

On Jessica...I'll reconsider. In any case, I think it's somebody close and not a stranger abduction. I know about the mom and started to make a comment on how neither of the parents seemed like ..um..good parents to have.

I didn't mean to imply that there was anything good about her except that she was in Ohio when it happened.

Brian...I'm not saying there's a right to have soda, I'm just asking where they expect these schools to get their money.

And, very funny...LOL Joint dispenser would make some profit I'm sure, but I uh...you know...think that would be less helpful in promoting good behavior and diet. Kids would go from drinking soda to eating all the twinkies.

riceburner147 said...

kat: thanks for the grouping with you and other "Christians" over at ALa's site. I hope you know my comment after was entirely satirical ! (sometimes i am afraid i kid too much)

Kat said...

Rice...no problem. I didn't take it wrong at all.

I get it.

Contrary to some, I do have sense of humor.

Kender said...
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Kender said...
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Kender said...
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Kender said...
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Kender said...

How about we make it the nine commandments then? Or add a new one...Thou shalt attain common sense.

And I don't think it was a stranger abduction either and haven't from the start.

Kender said...

Damn wonky comment posting page:(

Sorry about that Kat.

Kat said...

Kender..I was just about to post and tell you that we heard you the first time. LOL

Common sense? What's that?