Friday, March 18, 2005

Postprandial St. Patrick's Day

The World Of Idiots

I saw the word "postprandial" in a book I was reading and, having never read, written or heard anyone use this word before, I had to look it up.

It means a walk or stroll after a meal, particularly dinner (as in the British "dinner" which is often a late lunch or lite meal before supper).

WOW! I learned a new word yesterday and had to share with the world.

So, my St Patrick's Day postprandial is a virtual walk.

First, let me say that I went to an Irish pub last night and had corn beef and cabbage with boiled potatoes and soda bread. It was quite yummy. They had a singer, but I was bummed to find that he was your average guy with a guitar doing pick up songs of whatever floated his boat instead of Irish limericks. I missed that guy by about an hour. I must say though, that he was a decent guitarist and singer with his accoustic guitar and some pretty big amps.

The crowd was a mix of old and young so I didn't feel too out of place. One of the patrons was wearing a kilt and he looked pretty good in it. I have always been a sucker for a man in a kilt. It does something for the legs. Now I know why men always dig on women in skirts. Of course, this man also had a very long and interesting dirk.

One of the patrons gave me his big, gaudy plastic shamrock necklace that said "bud light" on it.

I discovered that the pub has "limerick" night on Fridays and my friend indicated it is very fun so I will probably scoot over there this evening and check it out. Saturdays are karaoke (that should be interesting) and Wednesdays are "open mic" which I plan to attend next Wednesday just to see what the local talent brews up. All in all, a decent night.

I haven't posted much lately due to work, but I have been paying attention to events so I thought, in my virtual postprandial I'd just make a few comments:

Ali at Free Iraqi talks about the Basra residents taking issue with the Sadrist and other Shia radicals that seemed to have infiltrated the area and are trying to implement their own form of Shari'a. The Basra Students are having none of it.

He also has several posts on the difference between wahabism and the Muslim Brotherhood and how they came to join forces. Great reading if you're interested.

More on the Iraqi citizens getting pissed about terrorists from Hammoraibi.

Now for the idiots and bizarreness of the world.

I don't know about you, but I have this immense feeling that there are more important things to talk about in congress than the Use of Steroids in Baseball. Maybe it's just me. I'm not that big of a baseball fan and I figure with steroid over use being the leading cause of the high "per capita" incidents of disabled children and all manner of cancer in professional athletic circles, if they aren't smart enough to figure out that routine steroid use can be a disaster, I don't really care. I know. There's something about the potential for our teenagers to look up to them and possibly do the same.

My take? If it's that important, stop talking and make a law that says professional athletes who test positive for steroids and other controlled substances without having a commiserate prescription should be banned from their sports specialty or all professional sports for life. Secondly, talk to your kids that drugs are bad and, if they don't listen, you didn't use the belt enough.

Oops! Did I say that? Next thing some other idiot of the world will waltz in here and claim I'm advocating child beating. Oh, well, can't win them all.

Speaking of idiots, how about that Hugo Chavez. Somebody should remind him that the Iraq war was for oil and, if we weren't going to let some moronic dictator on the other side of the ocean keep threatening us (I meant Saddam, not Chirac) and making noises about causing an energy crisis in the US, that we aren't going to play tiddle-winks with a guy in our back yard. Maybe we need to turn our eyes back to our own hemsiphere? I understand there are a few countries (Cuba, Venezuela, etc) that need liberation from latin wannabe Perone's.

Somebody wanna tell this moron that socialist crap economics don't work, ever, and delusions of grandeur have gotten American enemies' asses kicked from one end of the globe to another? I know this sounds like American Hegemon or something, but these little tin pot dictators are freaking annoying. via Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller

Bashir Asad of Syria. What is there to say about this guy? First he helps us with terrorist information (yes, it was good for him because the islamic fascists want his country as well), then he throws his support behind Saddam in the lead up to the war, throws dissidents in jail and badly miscalculates what happens when you blow up he leader of the opposition in Lebanon. Don't forget harboring Saddamite loyalists, millions of dollars in funds, contributes to the black market for Iraqi oil and fuel, acts as a way point for terrorists coming in from around Iraq; makes pal's with Iran and the French.

Can anyone say, "idiot"?

Martha Stewart goes to jail for "tellig a lie" to the feds, but Robert Blake gets a pass for arranging to have his wife murdered?

Anyone believe that? That is bogus.

Scott Peterson on the other hand got his just deserts being sentenced to death. There is some justice, but far and few between.

Just because Blake's wife was not a "sympathetic" victim, people let him walk. No one was going to let Peterson walk. Laci was the epitome of the nice girl while Blake's wife was trailer trash and a few other words thrown in according to the defense.

You know what's great? The whole middle east is now "unstable" and I'm digging it, even with these outragous oil prices.

Any other stupid people we should be quoting?

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Kender said...

Yes, quote Michael Schiavos attorney today on CNN saying that starving to death is Terris' choice.

And how about the MSM that insists on saying that Terri is "brain dead" and "in a coma"?

While we are at it quote a blogger known as "The Bastard" when, commenting on Terri, he wrote the same comment at several blogs which is "I don't get it? She got this way because of an eating disorder, why do you insist on trying to force feed her?"

That would be a good start.