Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Breaking News: Bomb Squad Just Down the Road From Me

At the end of the local news cycle they reported breaking news. A state trooper pulled over a white van at the I-29/I-35 interchange not far from my house. The officer reported a strange package in the back of the van when he approached. Looked like it had wires and other things attached to it.

UPDATE: False Alarm

The interstate was closed at Missouri 210 starting about 10 p.m. while emergency crews investigated the package. After determining the package was not dangerous, officials reopened the highway about 1 a.m., said Sgt. John Hotz of the Missouri Highway Patrol.

Troopers found the package after stopping to help a stranded motorist near Parvin Road. Hotz said the occupants of the vehicle gave conflicting stories. The trooper then noticed several wires connected to the vehicle.

With the latest alerts regarding Al Qaida threats, no one's taking chances. The Bomb Squad has been called in and the highways are closed down in both directions. No report on the identity or ethnicity of the driver nor on whether the driver was still in the vehicle at the time or had been removed.

Local news signed off stating they'd have a follow up at 4:30 AM when they resumed broadcasting. KC Star nor the local news channels have updated their websites with information on the story.

As soon as I have details, I'll update. Let's hope this is a false alarm.

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