Thursday, March 03, 2005

Just Disgusting: Bashir Gets 30 Months - Credit For Time Served

The man regarded as the author of the 2002 bombing of a Bali nightclub and responsible for the deaths of 202 people including 7 Americans as well as the Marriott bombing in Jakarta in 2003 that killed 12, was sentenced to 30 months in prison with credit for time served since his arrest in April 2004:

The five-judge panel said that Bashir, who has been in jail since April, would get credit for time served and could be freed before the end of 2006.

I'll bet you donuts for dollars this guy is not limited in his interactions or communications with his followers.

So, why is he getting such an easy sentence?

"Neither the defense witnesses nor the prosecutors' witnesses said that the defendant has planned or provoked other people to commit the bombings," the court said in its verdict.

"The perpetrators of the Marriott bombings admitted they did that on their own will," it said. "Therefore the defendant has to be acquitted from primary charges."


The judges also said there was no evidence nor witnesses that proved Bashir took part in an "evil conspiracy" to bomb the hotel. Bashir was in jail at the time of the attack.


Seriously, since Lynne Stewart in America can get away with assisting her client send messages to his minions, anybody with half a brain knows that this guy, in an Indonesian jail where he's bound to have sympathizers guarding him, could do anything he wanted. Not to mention that these attacks aren't just off the cuff, but rather planned well in advance.

But, nice of his followers to fall on their swords. I'd like to know if they are at least getting the death penalty for this "evil conspiracy".

But, if you really want to know the reason why this guy got off, just read this section:

"I'm ready to listen," Bashir said before the judges opened the proceedings. "If I'm released, the trial has been fair. If not, this has not been a fair trial. I will fight any sentence against me."(...)

Bashir's arrest in April sparked minor clashes between his followers and police, and there were fears a guilty verdict could lead to fresh violence.

Please. This guy is connected and has muscle. The judges were shitting a brick or complicit. Or the prosecuters were purposefully being held back for fear of starting a riot. This sounds like a crappy compromise. What I really loved was the obvious contradictions of the last paragraph and this:

During the five-month trial, only one witness testified that Bashir was the leader of Jemaah Islamiyah. More than a dozen others said they didn't know anything about Bashir's alleged terrorism links or portrayed him as a simple Islamic teacher.


Let's see, hundreds of his followers spark clash with the police, but he's just a simple Islamic teacher. Hey! I have some ocean front property right here in Kansas City going cheap. Anyone want to buy some? Offer expires soon.

But don't miss this one either:

Before that attack, Bashir was chiefly known for his campaign to install an Islamic-based government in Indonesia and his criticism of U.S. policy toward Muslim countries.

Why did he get off?

But some mainstream clerics and government officials sympathize with him, saying he is a victim of foreign meddling.

Thought so.


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