Friday, March 04, 2005

Iraqi Blogger Suffers Loss From Bombing

Some may not read them as regularly as I do and I don't always post links as often as I should. Today, I was reading Husayn at Democracy In Iraq and he reported that the bomb that killed 125 on Monday took the life of his cousin who had several young children:

Throughout this entire time I have been lucky because my family has been generally safe from the affects of war and death and all that has stood over Iraq like a black cloud during the last two years. I can no longer count myself like this. The bombing claimed the life of my cousin, who was an innocent man who never did anything to hurt anyone, and who only wanted to live a good life, and to provide for his children. They are now orphaned, and without their father who strove to make them smile, and liked nothing more than to hear their laughter.

This is what the wahabi dogs and terrorists have wrought. They bring nothing but death and destruction. I cannot express now the rage I feel against them.

Husayn is shocked, but resolved:

The animals who do this do not care for my poor nephews and neices, they...I dont know what they want, but I am now more resolved than ever to crush them somehow. I wish i could lay my hands on the master of all this terror, Zarqawi or Bin Laden or whichever dog it is who is behind this terrible campaign.

He is talking about what he thinks he must do to help his cousin's family:

have decided to take up more work so that I May earn more, and help my cousin's family through this time. His children, I hope and pray to God will never have to feel pain like this again...of course I think it would be hard in any situation, now that their father is gone, murdered for no reason.

Murdered for no reason.

Please go to his site and offer your condolences and, if you can spare a little, he has a donate button that's been up there for awhile. It is all handled through Tom Villars, whom I have had contact with before and these bloggers are legitimate. The money is handled through Tom and the Treasury office vets all of the transfers before they are handed over.

Thank you.

If you can't spare anything but words, condolences and a prayer would be helpful, too.

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Jamie said...

Fox news had a report earlier today that some suspects had been arrested in that bombing.