Thursday, March 03, 2005

The Aryan Nation: Coming to A City Near You

I was getting ready to wind down for the night (morning?) when I noticed a little "breaking news" segment stating the Aryan Nation was moving its national headquarters to the KCK area.

My first response is: WTF?

The Aryan Nations — one of the most notorious neo-Nazi groups in the United States — is moving its national headquarters to Kansas City, Kan., causing alarm among civil rights groups.

The group's members, who believe that Jews are “the children of Satan” and African-Americans are “beasts of the field,” chose Kansas City, Kan., because of its central location, said “High Counsel” August B. Kreis III.

Remember Tuesday when I was noting the growth rate of the city, its great centralization to the rest of the nation and urging people and companies to consider moving this way? I was not talking about these bozos.

For more info, go to the inner sanctum.

Funny they are moving over to the KCK area. Kansas City, Kansas has a big chunk of minority residence. Largely Hispanic and Black, but including an Asian population. I do not see anything good coming out of this.

Apparently, they weren't doing so good up in Pennsylvania after they got their asses handed to them in 2000:

It was unclear how significant the move is, because the group has never revealed how many members it has and it is in the process of rebuilding after its leader was bankrupted as the result of a lawsuit in 2000.

These guys are talking about "rebuilding".

“This move is intended to further advance our goals of an Aryan Homeland in the North American Continent,” Juba wrote. “Three years ago with the assistance of our High Council, we centralized authority on an organization level, eliminating the need for public display of officers at a state-by-state, country-by-country level. With this move, we have completed this format by centralizing the physical authority, thus making our membership more accessible in all points of travel.”

I've never really protested anything before, but I swear if these guys hold a rally around here, I'll be there with bells on and I won't be whistling Dixie.

These are the real skin heads and the group that is being held responsible for the shooting deaths of the judge's family up in Chicago. In regards to recent killings:

Authorities were investigating whether Monday's shooting deaths were carried out by hate groups linked to white supremacist Matt Hale. Hale, leader of World Church of the Creator, is facing up to 40 years in prison for trying to arrange the murder of the judge, Joan Humphrey Lefkow, who presided over a case involving the group.

When asked about the murders, Kreis said his group wasn't involved, but added: “We love it!”

I'll be damned if these bastards are going to set up shop in my backyard unopposed.

I'm going to keep my eye out because, for some reason, these bastards think they are going to get some sort of recruiting boost out of the area:

Kreis acknowledged that the Aryan Nations “will work with any pro-white group,” but wouldn't discuss how many people belong to his group.

“But I'll tell you what,” he said. “We're doing very well. I'm not talking about financially. But if you're talking about bringing the message to the people, we're doing a good job of it.”

Yeah, I got a job for you. Right after you FOAD.

I'm going to check the news archives, but I don't recall in the last 6 years that I've been back any racial hate crimes, or, at least, none that have been related to such a cause.

Keep your eyes open for updates on this situation as well.

I guess that's the crappy thing about a growing city. You get growing crime and a growing number of nut cases moving into the area as well.

If we get any rallies, I'll see about getting pictures and posting them.


Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

This is a sign of new boldness in that group. Before they were concentrating their efforts on what they called the "Northwest Imperative" (the need for them to secure the northwest part of the country "for the white race"). Now they're branching out.

What they will bring with them is mostly bank robberies and a new twist to any existing gang violence in your inner city (what they like to do is start or escalate wars between black and hispanic gangs and watch the carnage).

Kender said...

Well, you didn't mean those guys but someone listened.

If they are listening to you maybe you could set them straight on how to act and think.

Kat said...

I can see now the local government is going to have to stop putzing around and update and upgrade the city and county law enforcement (as I was just complaining in the above post).

This just stinks.

Jim said...

I can remember one fake hate crime--the idiot who carved a swastika in his own forehead. In the mirror.

I think there might have otherwise been a few spray-paintings and such, which are bad as far as they go, but not really violent.

Kat said...

You're right Jim, thinking about it, I think there was a spray painting incident at an old cemetary, but it turned out to be a couple of punk kids.

Nothing violent, nothing really related to serious white supremacy or hate crimes.

I hope that these folks find the area around here inhospitable to their needs.

I was talking to my dad, retired police officer, he was surprised considering the federal court house and a pretty efficient FBI headquarters is right here in town. He wonders if these guys did not take into consideration the city's make up. The FBI here, not so long ago, was involved in taking down a number of organized crime families.

You know what the complete irony is that Kansas is the home of the Jayhawks, the redleggers, the free staters with a rich history in the underground railroad, not to mention John Brown.

Maybe they are making a statement?

Mostly though, they are like organized crime, as ciggy points out. Let us hope that the feds are up their collective @sses on a regular enough basis that they get tired and move on.

Jim said...

I doubt that any statements they intentionally make are quite that subtle. Not that some of these guys aren't smart enough to be quite manipulative (else how would they develop a following at all?) but subtlety just doesn't seem to be their thing.

I think you're right, though, that the local Feds seem to be pretty good at their jobs and will have them in their sights if they carry through with it.