Monday, September 20, 2004

Beheadings: American and Kurdish Prisoners Found Beheaded

Eugene Armstrong, married, father of 1, was beheaded in Iraq today by the Tawhid (unity) and Jihad (holy war). The group led by Zarqawi. I refuse to put the word "abu" in front of his name. Abu is the arabic word for "father of" and is a sign of respect. There is none for this man.

There are two other prisoners being held now. Both will most likely be beheaded as we will not negotiate. To their families, please God give them comfort. I don't know what else to ask. They are surely dead men.

They say that "three kurdish men" were beheaded as well. They do not give us names. If I had their names, they would go here as well. A reminder that these bastards know no bounds. Have no mercy and should receive none.

For some reason, I find it very hard to believe that, even in this hostile area, we have no inkling where a hostile force would be hiding and beheading hostages. The simple fact that no one turns them in begins to speak very loudly to me and I hate to think what it is saying.

If there is a God, may he have mercy on these victims souls and their families and none for their torturers. I have a picture of hell for these bastards. It involves them being the victim of their favorite past time, over and over again like Promytheus having his liver eaten every day, only to grow back and have it eaten again.

I curse them.


I do not want to neglect our Kurdish friends. If you have not done so before, I highly recommend visiting the Kurdistan Bloggers Union. They always have interesting information about Kurdistan and things going on there. We should remember that they are the calm and progressive part of Iraq.

They post about the three kurdish students that were beheaded just the day before and some other information about additional about the make up of the Islamic caliphate (in brief) and the few times (more often not) that Muslims advanced.

And here, more on the three kurdish youth beheaded by the Islamists, may God have mercy on the victims and none for their torturers.

I curse them for the dogs they are.

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