Thursday, March 24, 2005

Blogger Sucking Once Again

Update: AS soon as I posted this post, wouldn't it figure that I try comments for the thirtieth time today and works. Still sucks.

Okay, I probably shouldn't write this since I just emailed them about my problem and it is very likely they are going to look this journal up and see that I am writing that blogger sucks. Again.

I know, it's free and we should never complain about free things, but I can't resist. I guess you get what you pay for, huh? Maybe I should move to Typepad or Live Journal or something?

Okay, why am I talking crazy? I'm talking crazy because the $%%&^**@# comments are not working again. I thought it was really cool that they put these new comments together so they would open up just like the halo scan comments and it kept me from changing comments since I was worried about losing some that were in the archives that were very interesting and educational. So, I fought putting halo scan on here even when the rest of the world was abandoning ship. Then, blogger announces the changes to their comments and it seemed like a dream come true. Right up until the 50th time somebody couldn't add a comment.

Hell, I can't add a comment either and I own the damn blog. I have wanted desperately to reply to Donal in yesterday's post comments, but, no can do. Why? I don't know. When I try to bring up an "add comment" window, it acts like it's searching for the comments and it keeps doing it without ever finding them.

You know, I was really excited about this new comment format because it made it easier to replay to people's comments without copying and pasting or having two windows open, but I am starting to have some serious doubts about whether this application is worth the pain.

Maybe I should go to halo scan? Maybe I'll even feel pressured enough to by the haloscan update that allows 3000 characters? You see, the only reason I stuck with blogger comments was the unlimited space because so many people have such great things to say.

Unfortunately, if they can say it at all, then I guess there is no reason to keep them.

I don't know if comments will be fixed by time you read this, but, if not, please send me an email by clicking on the red dispatch box to the left and tell me what you think. Haloscan or give blogger one more chance?


Kat said...

And of course, as soon as I complain about it, I can post a comment. How do you like that?

Well, what do you think? Leave blogger comments or go to haloscan?

Kathy K said...

Hmm... I like it so far. Popup and everything.

Of course, I'll change my mind if it doesn't let me post.

Haximus said...

My blog hasnt had any issues like this...hmmmm

TJ said...

Haloscan, all the way. Comments, Trackbacks, banning (if needed), easy integration/installation ... and still free!

... NIF
... The Wide Awakes

Brian H said...

H has better HTML -- AND SMILIES! (Even though the range sucks and the sad is mis-displayed as mad.) But if Blogger puts in a decent range of emoticons, stick with them!

BTW, how DOES Blogge make money? A piece of the BlogAds pie? Just curious . . . .

Brian H said...


Tom said...

Ah, this is new. I kind of like the pop up, actually. Haloscan still works for me, though. All my problems have been with Blogger, not Haloscan.

Kat said...

You know, blogger sent me back some funky form email that said, "go check our "known issues" or "blogger status". if you still have a problem email us back."

My first thoughts were "WTF?"

I guess I should stop being lazy and just do it. go haloscan.

Anyone know how to keep your old blogger comments in history?