Thursday, August 25, 2005

Egyptian Bloggers in CSM

Sandmonkey says he was interviewed by the Christian Monitor, but not quoted though his blog is mentioned along with Big Pharoah and two other Egyptian bloggers.

The gist of the story is how Egyptian blogging and other bloggers from the ME are making their political voices heard above the din. A concept that I opined about not so long ago that I personally was excited to be able to do shout my opinion across the world at the speed of a nano second and be heard.

I've always believed that bloggers from countries like Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia are the Thomas Paine pamphlateers of their day and that this tool is a major stepping stone to freedom across the globe. The biggest and largely free exchange of ideas in simple expressive commentary format.

Shakespeare may roll in his grave at some of our prose, but I believe that Benjamin Franklin would have joined us in a heart beat. Who needs Paris Salons when the salon is only a mouse click away?

So, congratulation friends for being recognized.

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