Thursday, June 15, 2006

We Don't Flog Sailors At the Mast Anymore

The U.S. Navy, in an effort to run more efficiently, is sending its admirals back to school to learn how to think more like entrepreneurs. On Thursday, a dozen admirals and a handful of other Naval leaders completed a week of executive education classes at Babson College.

The admirals spent four days attending sessions on such topics as "Organizational Innovation" and "Using Effects-Based Thinking." They ditched their uniforms in exchange for khakis and casual sweaters and dispensed with formal titles to call each other by nicknames like "Sully" and "Arch."

Navy sends top brass for business training - Yahoo! News

Best line:

"We don't flog sailors at the mast anymore," Stanley said. "But will it ever get to the point where we're throwing around beach balls on the mess deck? I don't think so. Because we're also sending people into battle, so we need to protect the formality of the military."

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