Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gateway Pundit: More Images of the Brutal Beating of Iranian Women Protesters

Reports from the internet (I certainly didn't see it on the regular media) indicate 6000 women protest for equal rights and get beaten for it. Images available and multiple links:

Gateway Pundit: More Images of the Brutal Beating of Iranian Women Protesters

Maybe 6000 protestors doesn't seem like much in our world where 100,000 can protest the war and not overthrow the government, but we are talking about people living in an oppressive nation where a meeting of five or more people discussing politics is considered a threat to national security and said dissenters can be arrested and incarcerated for years for doing nothing but speaking.

ON top of that, it comes after 10,000 strong protest in Abaijan province in the north of Iran.

And these ladies don't just get led or carried away to the paddy wagons, they get beat, with batons. Something our own protestors can only dream of experiencing (you, know, for their protestor street creds against fascists).

Keep an ear and an eye out. It's getting fusion hot in Iran and we're not just talking about nuclear weapons. Seems like the dissidents have decided that the nuclear stand off is the right time to press the government for changes. Largely because, if Ahmenejid is going to appear strong in the face of international pressure, he needs the illusion of backing from his own people. Thus, his choices are to beat the protests down (potentially leading to even greater dissent) or to give in even just a little.

It's ironic to see Ahmenejid's own game played on him. It's very clear that he (or the Mullahs) recognized that the US was in it's third year of war in Iraq, wouldn't be as interested in opening a third front (Iraq, Afghanistan) and could thus use our distraction for their own gain.

Now, AJ gets some of it back. This may end up being the trade off. We may let them go nuclear (which it seems is a foregone conclusion anyway) while we build, assist and support the dissidents.

You aren't going to hear the President of any official person say so. Mainly because, in these countries with very mixed feelings about America (they want our freedoms and economy but don't want to be our close personal allies), any hint that we are participating would give the "patriots" ammunition to claim outside agitation and declare these protestors as "agents of the great Satan". Pretty common in most nations over there (heck, our own get called something similar), but, let us hope they keep with the MLK Jr. concept that, being from there, born there and a citizen there makes them Iranians, not foreign agents.

See them all.

Gateway Pundit: More Images of the Brutal Beating of Iranian Women Protesters

Don't miss the great photo essay (lord knows what subterfuge and excellent minicam/phone camera it took to get the photos out; isn't the internet grand?). Complete wit some stirring music. Other protests noted on the site.

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