Thursday, June 15, 2006

"Our objective in Iraq is victory."

The key to success in Iraq is providing security; and the key to security is defeating the Sunni insurgency. This will deny al Qaeda important support and remove the excuse Shiite militia have for taking action into their own hands. It will give the government the opportunity to rebuild the economy and to continue on the path to full democracy.

"Our objective in Iraq is victory."


Anonymous said...

No... Our objective in Iraq was, and is, is to find Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

Until then, we have not "won" and we can not "win".

And if we can't find them, well then, that's too bad for the people who apparently think that simply winning will bring 4000 dead Americans back to life.

mewmewmew said...

In short, the US is going after every aspect of the financing system for terroris. Even if these men are honest, upright citizens who have no connections or sympathies with terrorist organizations, who they deal with, who uses their systems, without a formal process for backgroud checks or following transactions, means that even their "honest" transactions present a danger to the US and an ability for terrorists to continue to act.

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