Sunday, June 18, 2006

Witness: U.S. troops in Iraq taken captive - Yahoo! News

Ahmed Khalaf Falah, a farmer who said he witnessed the attack Friday, said three Humvees were manning a checkpoint when they came under fire from many directions. Two Humvees went after the assailants, but the third was ambushed before it could move, he told The Associated Press.

Seven masked gunmen, including one carrying what Falah described as a heavy machine gun, killed the driver of the third vehicle, then took the two other U.S. soldiers captive, the witness said. His account could not be verified independently.

Witness: U.S. troops in Iraq taken captive - Yahoo! News

So, two humvees left the third humvee with three guys in it that was swarmed and the men taken prisoner? There is going to be trouble for some folks. That is classic luring techniques and a good question would be what unit fell for that? Is this a new unit? Have they been trained appropriately? Did they forget their training?

Waiting for additional reports since the first reports are often wrong.

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