Saturday, October 09, 2004

Reality Road Check: Literally

Road Hazards For Terrorists

Another military blogger find, Froggy Ruminitions, retired SEAL, connects up with American Daughter, to a video of an air attack on armed militia in Fallujah where the terrorists get a Reality Road Check from a laser guided missile.

No wedding parties here.

Read how the "nightstalkers" targeted the terrorists.


Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

This is the sort of story that the defeatist, lefty, pro-terrorist media refuses to show, because it shows us WINNING.

In a way I love seeing videos like this, but in a way I get infuriated that this is being kept a secret by scum like Dan Rather who only want to show the little bits of bad news they can grasp onto with the caption of "Bush's failed war" and such lies as that.

Paul G. said...


It was on CNN this evening with some pretty darned good explaination of the forward controllers function in the operation.

Oh, maybe it was Faux News that didn't play it.
I wouldn't know - Did Faux go to all animated format? I don't watch childrens shows.