Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Don't Scroll Down!

Project Valour IT: It's More Than A Computer

If you haven't figured it out yet, this is Project Valour IT Week. It might even be Project Valour IT Month where every day I tell you a story and ask for your assistance with this project by donating or blogging about it or passing it around to friends and other bloggers. Project Valour IT stands for Voice Activated Laptops for OUR Injured Troops.

You can still find all the usual stories and commentary if you scroll down. I've got stories about the struggle for freedom in oppressive nations, Mud Huts and Chai Tea, different methods we're using to fight the war on terror and a whole host of war related subjects. If you keep watching this site, I'll have a special treat for everyone, hopefully by the end of the week or Monday morning at the latest. I also plan to talk about the new Baghdad and Ramadi security operations and what it means in context to everything I've written before.

But, I'm hoping you won't scroll down without dropping $5 or $10 or more if you can spare it in the Fighting Fusileers hat for Project Valour IT. Just click when you see the Fighting Fusileer insignia and it will take you to the website that tells you about tax deductible contributions and the story of how Project Valour IT came to be.

I'm hoping, actually, even if you have given a donation previously, you'll read this post and think about donating some more or finding people that will.

Read this report and understand, this is what we're trying to do for our injured soldiers: help them get back to normal. That normal almost always includes a computer, whether for fun or play and that is what project Valour IT is looking to do.


Become a member of the Fighting Fusileers, fighting for the men and women who have been fighting for you. Donate now by clicking on the Fighting Fusileer below.

Now you can scroll for other great stories.

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