Monday, June 19, 2006

Going on Hiatus

Update: False Alarm. Not going on Hiatus until later this week. Stand by for firm date. I am still looking for guest bloggers (even my friend Scott).

I am going on blog Hiatus for a few days. Please feel free to visit any people on the blogrolls on the side or read any of the thousands of posts I've done before. I may have guest posters so be sure to visit everyday.

Be back to full swing at the beginning of next week where I will continue to discuss "The Fog of War" and any developments on the war front.

I'm praying for the guys who were taken prisoner. Let us hope that they are returned safely and pray for their families.

In the meantime, my favorites are:

John at the Castle
Mudville Gazette
Iraq the Model
Protein Wisdom
Power Line
Blonde Sagacity

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