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Project Valour IT - Connected

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If you aren't familiar with this project or it's story, it is a totally blog started charity project. It came about because people on computers that read blogs realized that the same things they enjoy, the same personal connections we get when we read, comment and have readers at our blogs, whether personal, political or other, is something that wounded soldiers could enjoy and receive the same feelings from. Connected, not disconnected. Life is still out there, it's a big world, there is more than just yourself sitting in a room thinking about things and life can be what we want to make of it.

A wounded soldier needs those feelings, too. They need to feel like they are still part of the world not just locked in the insular world of the wounded, constant pain, the struggle to become whole again, or alone with the bills, the family troubles (common ones and those that arise or seem bigger while a soldier is stuck somewhere trying to recover). It's a lot of things and it can be the portal to re-integration with a world outside of four walls and the seeming box that amputations and paralysis can put you in.

I remember this from last year, explaining exactly what we're trying to accomplish with Project Valour IT and then Beth provides a number of stories about those that our project has already served.

Everything He Did Before
What It's Like to Be the Injured
Buzz Robertson: Everything We Said It Would Be
BBC: Laptop Lifeline for Wounded Soldiers

Read these because this is what the project is all about. We keep them connected so they can keep moving forward. These are soldiers with paralysis, amputations, nerve and muscle damage (short term or long) that cannot use a conventional computer. So, Project Valour IT provides Voice Activate Laptops for OUR Injured Troops.

Here you can read the project blog, what's going on, how much money has been donated, how many laptops and future plans.

Become a member of the Fighting Fusileers. Click on the fusileer below and donate to Project Valour IT, even if it's only five dollars. Every bit helps. To date, $14,340 from 151 generous donors!

I want to thank everyone who has donated so far. It's incredible how a community of writers and readers can come together and, in very short order, pull this together. This without support from even the biggest blogs out there. If you think about it, the ability to raise this awareness and these donations, through simply blogging and connecting with the people who are willing to give support, is exactly what this project is about. Connections. Providing laptops to the wounded to get them connected, to keep their support network connected and give them an opportunity to get back with (and sometimes give back to) their chosen communities.

I'm really proud to be even a small part of this project and I'm equally proud of all of my readers, many whom I would consider a personal friend, that have given to this project. I thank you all and I hope you understand why I am continuing to ask you to help with this project. There are so many charities to give to, but this one is special to me. It's something I was around for when it was first created. I talked to Captain Z via his blog before and after his injury. I know first hand what it meant to him and those of us who were part of his support network. I know how often people would offer good advice or just a prayer. Everyone of those were appreciated by Captain Z and he believes it helped him in the recover process as do many of those we have served (as of 6-11-06 482 soldiers served). I helped put some things together and I know from personal experience how important it is when the world turns upside down to have people you can talk to, that you are relaxed with and share things in common with, even if (or especially if) you aren't talking about the problems you have, you're still connected.

Connections keep the world turning.

For those who can and want to do something specific that makes you even more connected to this project and to the people we are serving, you can sponsor a specific soldier to receive a voice activated laptop and become part of his or her support network.

Remember, it's tax deductible. There's an address for you to send a check if paypal isn't your cup of tea. And, there are other great projects that Soldiers' Angels do that only takes your time and the price of a stamp, so make sure you check them out.

Don't forget, help the Fighting Fusileers. Bring the connections. Donate today!

Thank you.

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