Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Don't Be A Schmuck...

...like this guy.

We've got men and women returning from the Afghanistan and Iraq with injuries to arms, hands, spines and heads that can't use a regular computer. They are laid up in the hospital without anyway to pay bills, check their bank accounts, read emails, contact family and friends or start planning for life after the military, like college and job searches.

So, we have a little project that we've been doing for approximately eight months: Project Valour IT, providing Voice Activated Laptops for OUR Injured Troops. It's good for morale. It's good for psychological healing by maintaining connections with men and women who share their experiences and lets soldiers maintain a function we take for granted every day. It's good for physical healing because it keeps soldiers connected with support networks of family and friends who keep them motivated and make them strive for that next rung on the ladder.

It's a great program that has already served over 400 soldiers, sailors and marines since August 2005. It's useful, practical and imminently possible. One laptop with voice activation software, accesories, carrying case, delivery and training by a volunteer costs as little as $700/laptop.

Right now, Soldiers' Angels Valour IT is behind 11 laptops and we still have soldiers, sailors and marines returning with injuries and in need. We don't ask much. It's hard times for many people these days. But, all we're asking for is $5 if you've got. If you have more, we welcome that. There are even ways to sponsor an individual in need directly.

Become a member of the Fighting Fusileers, fighting for the men and women who have been fighting for you. Donate now by clicking on the Fighting Fusileer below.

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