Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mud Huts, Chai Tea, Villages with No Name

Spirit of America is one of the great organizations that I don't talk enough about. They are a big part of the "Mud huts and Chai Tea" projects that build rapport and understanding between the United States and the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

This project is just a small part of it:

Col. Bivens wrote the following:

Mark and I completed our last visit to a school today so it was a bittersweet moment for both of us although we know the work will continue with the next group. We both worked very hard this year soliciting donations, unpacking, organizing, making reconnaissance for field trips, repacking for the field trips and then, of course making the trips. Although it takes a lot of work to deliver a single item in a foreign country (especially one at war), we know that it takes a great team effort. Only through donations made by Spirit of America were these trips made possible. We would have had some items, but your organization was a huge part of the effort and we were glad to be a part of your team for this year

Pictures included.Spirit of America

Try a list of other projects and think about how we can help with both ends:

Project Valour IT (Help a soldier when he's been injured get back on his feet and back in the world)

Spirit of America (Provides equipment, books, supplies and many other important items and money for the Mud Huts and Chai Tea part of this war. Every dollar spent helps promote relations between soldiers and the people they are trying to help. Every step in that direction means one less soldier will be attacked, one less IED, one less kidnapping, etc)

Make it happen people and tell others all about it.

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