Monday, June 05, 2006

Freedom is the Fire

...In the Minds of Iranians.

You probably don't know about it and haven't seen it because the media is ignoring it or understating it (just read an article calling it "disturbances at universities"), but there have been significant Freedom Protests in Iran.

Maybe the problem is, with few western reporters and the information control the government uses, it's hard to get the story? Unless you are on the internet and know who to read and where to look. Here is a video of a 10,000 strong (very big and very noisy) protest in Tabriz (Azeri), Iran.

Then again, maybe the problem is that the source of the video is not a vetted "reliable" source? Unlike the folks providing video to the Post on Haditha or the UK Times captioning pictures they claim are from Haditha in Iraq.

The Spirit of Man has pictures of another university "disturbance". The first image says "Death to Islamic Dictator". These students originally began to protest because, like all totalitarian ideologies and rulers, the regime (Ahmadinejad) ordered changes to university curriculum. The changes were unspecified except to say that they are re-enforcing Islamic studies. In otherwords, if you aren't a good stooge and don't take their Islamist re-education classes, you won't get a degree. It does go to show that the younger generation is much more secular and less interested in being "re-educated" into good little suicide bombers.

Stefania has more pictures.

Aryamehr has another little discussion on the subject.

Whole new meaning to "This Revolution Will Be Blogged" since it is the only medium giving it any real coverage.

Of course, the Iranians are blaming the US and other outside "forces" for promoting these protests. I don't think any Americans are insulted by this accusation, but, in Iran, this is meant to stir up the xenophobic, Islamists against the protesters. No idea how successful this kind of state propaganda is. What is known is that they have killed people and injured many. The state run news in Iran is reporting that they killed no one and minimal injuries because they used "BB guns".

I gotta bridge for sale.

...In the Minds of Peruvians.

Hugo and Morales have been turning their countries into pre-famine hell holes (I'll explain momentarily), but the Peruvians are not willing to join the "progressive" move towards totalitarian destruction of what little wealth and potential these nations have to offer.

...In the Minds of Chinese

Too many did not remember Tianneman Square. There were few special reports. It was barely mentioned. No one wants to paint the new, improved kinda-sorta open economy Communist Repressive Chinese government as being, well violently repressive, so we cannot see the protests that still go on. In fact, a report I heard today seemed to imply that the Chinese had forgotten.

Not so, not so.

...that is slowly being stomped out in Venezuela and Bolivia.
On the new, old socialist/communist disaster that is about to infect Venezuela and Bolivia, read "Submission by Starvation".

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