Monday, January 09, 2006

Reuters AlertNet - Son of Palestinian envoy shot dead in Baghdad

Another, "in case you missed it":

Reuters AlertNet - Son of Palestinian envoy shot dead in Baghdad

This was on January 1. This is just a reminder that Al Qaida doesn't give a crap about Palestinians, particularly if they have the gull to practice democracy and evince secular ideas because the only law that can exist is the law of Allah, it cannot be married to or share the law of man. This is either polytheism (ie, the acceptance or worship of the law of man alongside that of Allah) or heretical apostacy (ie, rejection of the law of Allah). This goes double for the Hezballah and Hamas guys who not only want to participate in democratic voting for power, but are of a completely different ideology.

In short, all those folks that think that AQ is fighting for Palestine, the state or its citizens, are idiots and that goes double for anyone that thinks resolution of that conflict where Israel is not wiped off the map and Palestine is a free and democratic state, will somehow cure Islamism.

In fact, Zawahiri has more than once declared that the PLO and the struggle for Palestine does not have the right "flavor" and that he despises the socialists who are in charge of the main effort even if he believes they are right to try to force Israel out of existence, if such a thing did occur, but Palestine (including that territory) emerged as a democratic, secular state with an elected government, it would just become another apostate regime that they had to destroy. All those poor Palestinians who would die in their resultant religious war would just be collateral damage that had the good luck to be killed in an Islamic struggle and thus were guaranteed paradise along with the homicide bombers and mujihadeen martyrs.

Who cares if that's not what the Palestinians want?

As a matter of fact, they have some bitter words for the MB as well. Not the first time for this either since Zawahiri excoriated the Muslim Brotherhood in at least two books and several "letters" including "Bitter Harvest" and "Knights Under the Prophet's Banner".

But, hey, they're still freedom fighters and the champions of all Muslims. Don't you forget that or the MSM will be reminding you daily.

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