Wednesday, January 11, 2006

KCTV5 - LSD inventor celebrates his 100th birthday.

GENEVA The Swiss chemist who discovered L-S-D is celebrating his 100th birthday tomorrow. Albert Hoffman is in good health -- and still promoting the mind-bending drug for medical purposes. He plans on attending an international seminar on the hallucinogenic on his big day.

Recalling his first accidental consumption of the drug, Hoffman says he had "wonderful visions." Although he also had bad experiences with L-S-D, he continues to insist it should be legalized for medical treatment, particularly in scientific research.

But he has said that when it's used as a "pleasure drug," it can have "catastrophic consequences."

L-S-D helped inspire the 1960s hippie generation.

Who'd of thunk that the guy probably responsible for millions of deaths by OD and stupidity during hallucination would live so long?KCTV5 - LSD inventor celebrates his 100th birthday.

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