Saturday, January 07, 2006

Zombie Soldiers, Ann Coulter and Elections

I am watching a program called "Masters of Horror" and this episode is called "Zombie Soldiers Fix the Election". The characters are Jane Cleaver, constitutional scholar (obviously Ann Coulter). They even showed a picture that looked like the front of the magazine that Anne was on. Then they have Kurt Randal (obviously Karl rove). And some characther called Murch.

Ann's character is a sadist and the other republican character is a masochist. Marty Clark is a cable TV character (Larry King). Jane Cleaver and Murch are on the Marty Clark show and they bring out some character that is obviously Sheehan's mother. She is made completely sympathetic and says she asks one question, "Why did my son die for a lie."

Murch interrupts and says, if he had one wish, he would wish that woman's son could come back and tell everyone that he was proud to do his duty and it was the right thing to do.

A few days later, dead soldiers start popping out of the ground and out of caskets, demanding to vote for anyone that will "end this evil war".

I have to admit, they are making Anne's character funny as hell. After the zombies come back, Marty Clark (Larry King), are asking Jane Cleaver if these guys can vote and she says, well, that they have the same brain wave as a liberal, so why not?

Some religious character first comes out and says its a miracle, then after the zombies denounce the war, he says they are satans spawn.

Later, somebody asks why there are no "zombies" that support the president and the war. This character comes out and says that all the ones that believed in the war died believing they were doing something noble so they aren't coming back, they are at peace.

Finally, Rand (Rove), tries to get one of the zombies (the grieving mom's son) to sign a statement supporting the war after he threatens to kill the guy's mom. The zombie grabs Rand (Rove) and bashes his head in.

Later, the guy that first made the "wish" statement, finds out that his own brother didn't die in "Vietnam" but was accidently killed by him because he thought he was playing a game and he shot him. So, he said that he thought that all war was a game and that is why his wish came true when he asked for them to come back.

Okay, I've got to say that this is got to be the funniest anti-war wet dream I've ever seen.

At the end, the Republicans (I assume that is the party that does it) refuse to count the dead soldiers votes because they are about to lose by a few, so, all the dead soldiers from every war comes back, forces the government into exile and takes over the country.


Lord, what will they think of next.

I have to admit, even though it was one of the worst hatchet jobs on politics I'd ever seen, it did have some funny one liners in it from all the politicians and their hirelings. Even Kerry's character got shot to pieces for a few seconds. (No pun intended).

Anyway, they even got a dig in about bloggers.

It was the hokiest thing I've seen in a long time and it was worth at least a laugh. Alhtought, I'm sure the DU would swear it was the truth and Karl Rove was conspiring to hide all the dead soldiers and silence their voices.


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