Thursday, January 12, 2006

Deutsche Welle | 11.01.2006 - CIA Prison is in Kosovo

So far, there has been no concrete proof of secret CIA prisons in Europe. But now, a Swiss newspaper says it has evidence. What is the next step?[snip]

Still, the General Secretary of the Council of Europe, Terry Davis, has already criticized, for example, Kosovo, for denying the council's committee against torture access to its detention centers. Davis has hinted that the peacekeepers in Kosovo may have to become involved.

Shocking, isn't it? Or not. Likely this whole kerfuffle is over legitimate government run institutions where it is possible that the CIA has been helping the Kosovoan government contend with its continual problem dealing with left over remnants of the KLM that has morphed into an underground stop for terrorists coming in and out of the Balkans as well as providing European Muslims for terrorist cells in countries like France, Spain and Belgium to name a few.

And the article asks, what's next? Fines? A stiff warning letter?

Probably little because the program has probably resulted in much intel being provided to other European nations about terrorist cells in these countries and, if they say anything, they might get a backlash from their own folks when they find out they've arrested and tried people based on the information.

However, it's all because:

And while there remains little concrete proof of the existence of these prisons, the problem is, is that the EU has little legal room to maneuver begin searching for such evidence -- to settle the issue once and for all.

They still don't know jack and it's all supposition.

Nice photo on the page though.

The CIA Affair and EU: Who Has Responsiblity? | Europe | Deutsche Welle | 11.01.2006

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