Friday, January 13, 2006

Stomping the News II... you won't have to.

Stomping the news I.


The meaning of Eid and Hajj
-Lessons in cultural and religious sensitivity, recommended by Gen. Alwyn-Foster
Razor Wielding Renegades Pose Threat
-Unlicensed barbers give bad head
Ringtone Rage At Hajj
-Proving that inconsideration is a cross cultural consistency
345 Die At Hajj
-"Custodians of the Holy Cities" shrug and say, "Inshallah" (Allah's Will)


Reporting From Iraq (embed reporter)
Friends Get Tattoo To Remember Soldier
-Lucas Frantz from Tonganoxie
The Curse Is Broken
-Women on board "ship" are ba-a-a-d luck
How Much Is That Duck?
-Reparations for Daffy
Life at a Mosul Market
-Fresh Vegetables and equally fresh blood

Paul Bremer: Setting the Record Straight
-Things happen, particularly when it's "rule by committee"
Three Top Iraqi Cops Fired For Prisoner Abuse
-Officers confused between Miranda Rights and "Give them a right" to the jaw
German Spies Deny Guiding US Bombs
-Leakers try to embarrass Merkel into towing the party line when she visits
Merkel to Visit US: Offer More Help With Iraq
-Largely to improve their police training taking place in Kuwait which many Iraqi officers are calling "useless"
Slovenia to Send Soldiers to Iraq
-Once again, Balkan states step up to the plate
Police Arrest Moroccan for Helping Jihadists Go to Iraq
-All new meaning to "Highway to Hell"
Kurds Sentence Journalist to 30 years in prison
-No, he wasn't an insurgent. He had the gall to coplain about the government

Still Missing, But Not Forgotten - Keep Her Name In the News

It's Been a Week with No Sign of Jill
-Jill's Iraqi friend with a blog, talking about Jill and her murdered translater, Allan.
We Miss You Jill
-Another blogger talks about Jill
Helping the translater's family
-No pension, no life insurance, just a mom and a child now with no support

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