Monday, January 02, 2006

Converts take on larger roles in militant Islam

This article is very important. I have insistently opposed "profiling" on ethnicity because I think it limits the scope and makes people feel "comfortable" about who and what we are fighting. They want to believe they can simply look at a man and know he is a terrorist.

It doesn't work that way. We are going to have to work harder, longer and smarter.

People search out these groups because they are missing something in their lives, just like any person who might seek out a cult. Warning of the dangers of these cults is our most important work and the media could do much more. They're just afraid because it involves the "I" word (Islam) which is actually a religion yet the faith, like Christianity, has been sorely abused by people seeking their own fame and glory.

We should stop being afraid of talking about it. Islamists are dangerous cultists.

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