Monday, January 09, 2006

First Surgery for Iraqi Baby Completed - Yahoo! News

ATLANTA - The Iraqi infant known as Baby Noor underwent surgery Monday for her spinal birth defects, and doctors said the operation, the first of at least three, went well.

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First Surgery for Iraqi Baby Completed Update on Baby Noor

Check out this video by the way (ignroe the commercials, sorry) and this video.

I have a really important question. Why can't the red cross and the red crescent or any number of groups fund this hospital? You know, sometimes I feel like returning to my old liberal ideas and asking, with all seriousness, if we can build billion dollar ships, why we can't fund one lousy children's hospital?

On the other hand, another part of me wonders where all the new Iraqi wealthy are with their money? Why give zakat (Muslim tithe for charity) when you could fund a hospital particularly when you know that the zakat is being used sometimes to fund the very people killing them? I guess, sometimes I am a little confused about humanity.

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