Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Frankly, I love that title and in plays into a commentary that I'm working on regarding how and why certain things work against the terrorist/insurgents. In the meantime, here's the report:

TIKRIT, Iraq – Two terrorist bombers and two gunmen were killed during a series of unrelated incidents throughout northern Iraq Jan. 9.

Two terrorists were killed in Samarra early in the evening Jan. 9 when an IED they were attempting to emplace detonated prematurely.

In a separate incident near Samarra, Soldiers killed one man and captured another during a brief engagement after the gunmen fired at their patrol.

Accurate return fire from the patrol killed one and forced the other to run away, but the Soldiers chased and quickly apprehended the man.

A lone gunman was also killed the morning of Jan. 9 after shooting at a joint Iraqi and U.S. patrol near Balad. The man began firing at the patrol as it approached the building he was in and the patrol returned fire, killing the gunman. The Soldiers searched the building and seized a variety of IED-making materials.

A joint mission by Iraqi and Coalition Soldiers in Mosul resulted in the detainment of a man who was attempting to follow the Soldiers as they moved through a residential neighborhood. The man was questioned by the Iraqi Soldiers and detained after he tested positive for explosives residue.

Okay, get the score:

2 Suck at placing an IED and kill themselves (yet another incident that indicates spiraling incompetence of the insurgents that are left)

1 Died at the hands of soldiers when he apparently decided that he should stand up and shoot in the open so he could go to Allah sooner rather than later (that makes three idiots)

1 Runs like hell and ends up getting flex cuffed anyway (and probably smacked around like yesterdays pizza dough)

1 Goes paranoid like Harry Belefonte on LSD, gives up his probably secure location and starts firing on a regular patrol only to eat lead

1 Apparently didn't pass the "spotters are us" class and got snagged like Wynona Ryder in Saks Fifth Ave.

It was a good day to be the good guys.Web Part Page

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