Monday, December 20, 2004

Update: Holiday Posting Schedule

Ba-Humbug and Toys For Me

Well, the holidays are here (again; bahumbug) and it's time for my annual "Oh my God, Christmas is when?" rush to the store to rush around and try to buy gifts for people when I have very little idea what the hell they want. Ba-humbug. Okay, that's not exactly true. I know what some of them want and it's too damned bad. Some of them will get it and some won't.

I did play "evil aunt kat" again. It's wonderful to have nephews and nieces to spoil and none to which your siblings can respond in kind. This year, "evil aunt kat" has purchased one nephew a guitar, another a small drum kit and the niece will be getting this nifty set of moroccan rattles. Noise, noise, noise. Brother is already threatening to embargo them from his house. I told him not to be a "BA-humbug".

Of course, when I was buying, it never fails that I must buy myself a little present as well. In this case, a very cheap digital camera. Very cheap. Didn't even notice until it was too late that it didn't have a flash. Makes for very murkey pics. But, I've got one now and I am dangerous. I've posted some here in sort of an order in which they were taken. Scroll down so you get the little story with each one and the end story. The one that kind of fits with the "why am I single?" series. Probably won't take more than a few of the pics for you to figure it out.

For the next few days, posting will be light, but I will get back to the story, because, obviously, my life did not end over ten years ago with squid before from Texas (I'm not bitter, dammit!).

In the meantime, I hope you are having an incredible holiday. Me, I'm freezing my ass off in the great Midwest. Actually spending time doing good deeds. I know it probably scares the piss out of a number of east and west coaster ultra-libs, but I ride motorcycles, have a tattoo, own a mutt I rescued from destruction, play guitar, have read the bible (twice fully; you should try it sometime, better than daytime TV), actually said a prayer on more than one occassion (if you rode bikes with my family, you'd learn how to do that, too), donate to charity, volunteer (Salvation Army this year needs help with their annual Christmas for the needy drive) and have a brain that functions at higher than 9th grade level (yeah, you know, I actually graduated from high school with honors; who'd of thunk it?).

Uh..did that sound like bragging? Sorry, the label thing was driving me crazy. I could have added that I make as much money a year as my ultra liberal friend with a BS in Management (uh, no pun intended) even though I didn't finish university. But, that would be bragging.

For the record, I don't think that George W. Bush is the Messiah. Of course, I've never mistaken Clinton for a saint nor referred to Jimmy Carter as Lucifer incarnate. Although, it was close one time. That whole Michael you know who sitting next to him in the president's box nearly drove me to it (not that there weren't things that nearly drove me to it before that incident).

It's also year end close for my company, so blogging maybe a little light. Stick around though. I promise to keep it interesting. Next post on the "Single" series will be about "Recovery" and all the stupid things you do (like not fall in love with a perfectly decent guy who follows you around for months) when you are busy building walls around the few pieces of your heart that you've got left. After that it's "stupid women tricks" (not mine, my friends and yes I have some of those, both sides of the political sphere) and then on to "wild thing part II".

Uh-huh. Kansas got her groove back. What? You think I just curled up in a ball and died? Pleeaase.

Happy Holidays!

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