Monday, December 20, 2004

This is my bike, 850L Suzuki, 1981. It's been "gone through" as they say in bike speak. In other words, the guy that had it before me had the engine rebuilt, put in dyno jet fuel injectors and K&N cone air filters (one for each of the four carburators) and dumped the air box. Custom four into one exhaust. The guy also took off all of the extrenuous metal parts to lighten up as they were using it to drag. Very fast off the line. (Gets shitty gas mileage for a bike, though, only 30mpg; dyno racing jets will do that)

I put the touring windshield on in place of the cafe style racing fairing because I was tired of eating bugs on long road trips and am too damned old to be riding bent over the gas tank. The seat is a modified Harley touring seat. The original one was worse for wear from the dragster boys. I'll get a better picture of it this spring when the temperature rises back up above 40. Then I'll tell you about my infamous 2500 mile motorcycle trip with my family (yes, yes, never do that again) where we earned the initials IAB and have proudly displayed on our jackets. What does "IAB" stand for? Ignorant Ass Bikers. Long story. I'll tell it some day after the "Why Am I Single" series. Probably has something to do with that anyway. Posted by Hello

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