Monday, December 20, 2004

My tattoo. Pay no attention to the bulging fat around the arm. That's just the angle of the camera. Trust me.

Story about the tattoo: I wanted one for about ten years. I either couldn't find the one I wanted or vacilated between "does it fit my image or doesn't it; what will the other execs think". Finally, I was at a motorcycle show where they had three tattoo booths set up. I got to booth number two and saw this tattoo. Simple indigo ink. It was really big in the picture and I knew that I couldn't have it below my sleeve at the office so, I pointed to the tattoo and said, "Can you make it this size?" (index finger and thumb at appropriate distance).

Guy says, "Yup."

"Cool," I said, "How much?"

"$60" he replied. Way cool.

My cousin and brother were with me. They both had tattoos already but figured, with prices like that, they'd get another one. So, my cousin Mikey, points to a similar tattoo of a dragon, indigo ink, and says, "How much for this one, same size as you're doing hers?"

Guy replies, "$150"

Cousin Mikey, "What?! You just told her $60."

Guy, "Grow some boobs and shave off your goattee and we might have a deal."  Posted by Hello

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