Friday, December 31, 2004

Blonde Sagacity: ALa71 On Marriage

While preparing my next post, I noticed ALa linked up to here and then gave some advice on not compromising on what you want from your potential spouse since you must know when you are committing to this thing called marriage that it means you are committing to one person to whom you will wake up to, every morning, almost without fail, for the next 40+ years.

I must say, just writing "40+ years" sent a shiver of near fear down my spine. Just add that little shiver to the reasons why I'm not married.

Except, when I read her post, it gives me hope that I might get as lucky as the Queen of Conservatives. Maybe I should dye my hair blonde?

At this rate, we might have to start our own consulting services: The Blonde, The Kat and The Curmudgeon.

Curmudgeon will work on the men, I'll work on the women and ALa will do the "extreme make over" or "what not to wear to attract your mate" segment. ;)


Diane said...
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riceburner147 said...

I wouldnt think about 40+ years, i would think about 1 or 5 years at a time, that makes it more real, after all, we dont really have more than the moment we are in right now, imagine you (or I) were at a beautiful resort in the tropical islands of SE asia, and suddenly, everthing changed.