Monday, December 20, 2004

Bad lighting, but this is my Oscar Schmidt Electric Accoustic Guitar. I own a yamaha, too (guitar that is), but it's in bad shape. The yamaha is my "traveling, going to rodeo, on bike trips, camping, family get togethers, aunt kat can I play your guitar" guitar. Still sounds good though. Took a licking and kept on ticking.

The Oscar Schmidt in the picture I rescued from the pawn shop for $200 about eight years ago. One of my better buys although I've been wishing for a Takamine with turquoise inlay but Santa says I haven't done near good enough on the stock market to buy it yet (does $3000 ring anybody's bell?). So, I'll just keep on playing my OS and Yamaha. Bought my nephew his first guitar for Christmas this year. A little student guitar for $30. If he gets good at it, I'll give him my Yamaha. Then I'll have an excuse to upgrade. (although, probably not to the Takamine, more's the pity. Posted by Hello

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