Friday, December 31, 2004

News Flash For Pessimists: IRAQ IS FREE!

Happy New Year

Well, I'm not linking up to any big stories here and I'm interrupting my daily foray into personal story telling to talk about something so damned obvious, it almost cracks me up every time I get on a blog site owned by FREE IRAQIS and see some dipshit from the nether world of ignoramuses spouting some bullshit about "failure of Iraq", the "impending civil war", polls that say they hate America, hate Allawi, the terrorists are winning, the vote won't go forward, Iraq is Viet Nam, Americans are killing Iraqis by the thousands daily, Iraq will be the next Afghanistan under the Taliban, etc, etc, etc.

I was reading at Iraq The Model today, where the brothers had put up a "Happy New Years" post and there, right in the middle of everyone wishing the brothers a happy new year was this British jackass spouting off some crap about war crimes, deaths of civilians, illegal wars, yadda, yadda, yadda. Do I have to print it all here for you to get the picture?

I started laughing. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to bust a gut. This is right after I just went around the blog world and read about ten new Iraqi blogs that showed up in the last 20-45 days. I'm sure there's more, this just happens to be the ones I know of starting up. Not to count the endless number of blogs, only a few of which I have posted on my side bar, that have been out there for over a year or have cropped up in the last year. From Kurdistan to Samara, Iraqis are logging on the computer and saying what they've got to say.

You know what that means? For the dumbasses that can't think logically, it means...


You shitheads. Pull your heads out of your asses. You ever read an Iraqi blog while Saddam was in charge? You ever even read a Raed, Khalid or Majid Jarrar blog during the reign of that slimy bastard that has the blood of hundreds of thousands' on his hands?

The shear lunacy of some shithead showing up on the blog of Iraqis who not only post about how wonderful it is to be free, even with the stupid assholes running around blowing shit up, how much they want democracy, how thankful they are that America came and saved them, their family and the Iraqis in general from more years of oppression, torture and murder AND have started their own political party AND fucking live there, live it every day, has got to be the most ignorant, bizarre, insane, delusional action of the entire loon world running around with their heads so far up their asses they have to unbutton their Tommy you know who knock off shirts made in a Chinese sweatshop in order to see their computer screen.

Let me tell you something, Iraq is free, will you nil you, you fucking morons. Yes, I'm cursing. Yeah, I've heard it before about the intellectual capacity of people that use curse words, but, frankly, since I'm addressing the shit for brains that are doing this kind of bullshit on a daily basis, I figure I have to get down to their level for them to understand. That level being a sophomore numbnut whose world view is about as "progressive" as a fucking larvae on the stinking, bloated carcass of a rats ass in the sewers of Paris, France on the hottest day of summer.

Let's not forget the media news sources. Some headbanging wake up calls for you, too. Tell me, oh great naysayers of gloom and doom, the watchers of your own inanity, were you ever, I repeat, ever able to go to Iraq and interview any Iraqi without first putting on your best red lipstick and kissing the ass of every bureaucrat in the eastern hemisphere before even getting into Iraq, then slavering your tongue from toe to asshole up Saddam's unholy, lice infested body and then being monitored by a guy that wouldn't mind making you disappear for the price of a scoop of camel dung, BEFORE Iraq was liberated?

Didn't think so.

You know what that's called?


I can hear Mel Gibson's voice from Brave Heart echoing it even now.

Now you media types who never feared before to go into a blood bath war zone with your cameras and your pencils have abdicated your place in the world as reporters by holing up in the Green Zone, paying some Iraqi guy or other nationality to go around filming whatever, taking it, snipping it into pieces until all that exists are explosions and proclaiming yourselves the "truth tellers" about the state of Iraq.

In the words of a very young relative of mine, "You are so yesterday!"

That goes for the ass wipes running around bombing some Iraqi guys just trying to make a living or trying like hell to rebuild their country.

Wake up, you morons, you lost already. Yes, lost, because Iraq is already free. The cat is out of the bag. Democracy, voting, elections, just around the corner. But that freedom began on April 9, 2003, you just didn't know it yet because you were too busy trying to decide what color of dishdash to wear when you threw yourselves on the martyrdom sword. Yeah, it is true martyrdom, that of martyrs for lost causes. Now you are nothing but murderers as you proclaimed the rest of the world to be.

By the way, for all those idiot families who offered your son, brother, husband to martyrdom to fight the evil, imperialistic capitalists for the price of a paycheck, you lost already, too. Why? The minute you accepted the check you became...drum roll please...

Evil capitalists!

Yes, you sold your sons' lives for a dollar and then you went and used that dollar to buy a house, buy clothes, buy food, all of those horrible capitalistic things that are supplied by horrid capitalist companies. You probably even ate at McDonald's with it, bought a capitalist cell phone, a television, all the lovely capitalistic cultural icons that you blame for the decay of your culture. Look in your own pocket book. What is more "evil capitalist" than selling your sons' souls for that dinar or dollar?

Now, I laugh. I almost can't stop laughing because we didn't just win in Iraq, we are winning every damned day. Every time money from these activities gets spent, every time even one bullet is bought, one tea kettle, one phone, one pair of shoes, you can bet your sweet Ibn Battuti that a piece, a dime, something, came from, went through, or came to America. Because that's the way global economies work...suckers!

I know, I'm letting the cat out of the bag here, but I just couldn't help myself. It's New Years Eve. The New Year is upon us and people are still worrying about what will happen to Iraq and the Middle East.

No worries, mate. It may be the slowest and most underground victory ever seen, but victory it is. Capitalist democracies strike again and eventually, the whole damned world will be full of people with their latest capitalistic iconic gadget, bulging from their pockets, sitting on their TV stand, on their kitchen counters, in their driveway, on their desks, in their little "I want to be a socialist" briefcase, somewhere for all the world to see.

And, whether it says "Made in Japan", "Made in China", "Made in India", "Made in Afghanistan", or "Made in America", made where ever, it is part of the greater global capitalist conspiracy to take over the world. You lose, we win.

Isn't freedom grand?

Happy New Year!


Kender said...

I happened to catch your comment on sandmonkey and stopped in because, frankly, I didn't know you were cruising the Iraq Bloggers, and I love reading your blog anyway, and have some thoughts about your post today, but I will get to that in a moment.

If you haven't yet, go over to
and, if you so wish, introduce yourself to Jeffrey. He runs a great blog that is, to someone reading the iraq blogs, the equivalent of stopping in at the headqyarters before going on patrol.

Now for a comment on todays post. And please pardon my language, but I feel it is appropiate to get my point across.


Thanks girl. You are beyond COOL!!!!!

Kat said...


I've been on the Iraqi blogs since April at least. Jeff and I have a fairly decent acquaintance. That's why you see me up on the side bar as "kat in the midwest".

At one point, I was contributing daily to the insanity of fighting off the numbskulls and posting fairly decent posts about it. I just went all introspective when I was trying to build my writiing skills.

Look over in archives for anything from May to November and you will see, I am not unfamiliar with addressing Iraq or the middle east in general.

As for the compliment, thanks much!

Jason Rubenstein said...


Heh.. great post!! Nice way to round out 2004!

See you next year. .

riceburner147 said...

Kat: are you sure you mean that about freedom :). btw, i dont like (i hate) daytime soaps. But, i do like nighttime soaps (Roswell, JAG, Joan of Arcadia etc) so its kinda hypo(critical)....more important, i am safely ensconced at home with a bottle of white wine, NEVER go out on NYE.

Happy 2005

Mike H. said...

Happy New Year Kat, and keep up the good work.

Louise said...

"That level being a sophomore numbnut whose world view is about as "progressive" as a fucking larvae on the stinking, bloated carcass of a rats ass in the sewers of Paris, France on the hottest day of summer."

EEEEEEHHHAAAWWWW!!! Should have had you as a coach for my creative writing class way back when!!! Happy New Year Kat! THIRTY DAYS!!!!

The Sandmonkey said...

Kat, awesome post. People like that remind me of the days i was in college, and in one of my classes we had a group project, where we get assigned groups. I had this girl in my group that always used to say how she didn;t like this idea or that idea, how she doesn;t think its the way we should do things, blah blah blah. Yet, she couldn't really come with an idea of her own. I called her up on it. I told everyone to shut up and let her tell us what to do. She got speechless and couldn't really come up with anything. Needless to say i informed her that unless she comes with an idea of her own, she should shut the fuck up from now on. And she did and everything went great.
My point is, people like that can point out all the failures, yet never really have a solution of their own. They don't care that at least the "evil american empire" is at least trying to solve the problem, they would rather leave it the problem alone and hope for a miracle i guess. Grr, they make me so mad!

anyway, where are my manners? Happy new year sweetie and keep up the good work!

peterC said...

BBC shop said in response to my inquiry for "The Human Animal" by Desmond Morris:-
"Unfortunately the programme that you are enquiring about has not been made commercially available through BBC Worldwide. We therefore regret that it cannot be purchased through BBC Shop."
But I found it (at least 2 tapes - doesn't sound enough as there were 6 programs) at our local Public Library, and some interesting stuff at Kansas City library catelog Plse, Kat, scroll past the UK comments on Iraqi blogs - it is not nice to rage. It makes me want to climb up high in the tree - another tree, maybe bcuz I'm a monkey by the Chinese calender. Besides, some folks worry what they will get if they put their foot in their mouth, or (innocently) express an opinion. Castigate the news people, if you want to; it's less personal.
BTW nearly all your posts that I have read on Iraqi blogs, even those responding to people whose opinion you clearly (& strongly) disagree with, are thoughtful and engaging. You can't imagine the number of admirers you have luking out there. Some of them might actually fit your prescription, but I doubt that rage is on theirs :)
The CARD: your description of the relationship and its ending does not show much passion toward this guy, but, if you like his company (read "friendship") why not reply and say so?
What do your photo's say about you?? Most show the shaded side of the subject eg your bike. This mean something?
A belated happy New Year to all - already Jan 2nd here

peterC said...

Just for laughs, had to post this pic which was in Neonknights post on IraqThe Model a few days ago.

Kat said...


Backwards, sort of, the shaded pictures I think say I'm not a good photographer?

You're right, I was not in love with the guy who sent the card. I might have been "almost" way earlier in the relationship but it wasn't going anywhere.

On the Brit, normally I scroll by because she is not the type of person that will ever be convinced of anything besides her own opinion. For some reason, the comment, right there in the middle of all the well wishing for happy new years, there it was, like a big steaming pile poo right in the middle of a table brimming with delicious food and wine.

I appreciate that you feel my comments are usually lucid, etc. Even the best of us get a little ticked off at complete idiocy, that's why I Put it here and not over at the brothers.

Thanks for looking for that BBC special. I found a decent site that I am going to refer to at some point I think.

jomama said...


Good to see there is someone on blogspot that knows
how to think.


MichaelH121 said...

Happy New Year.

Right, absolutely.

Socialism is failing, communism has failed. Dictators do not endure. America may be screwed up. But we are still the best country on the planet.

The "left" said about the Gulf War, "Tens of thousands of body bags of US Soldiers.."

We could not take Baghdad. We would win but the cost would be too high. The old USSR were in Afghanistan for 10 years and lost. We won in 75 days.

The media calls the TERRORISTS, insurgents, rebels, but they do not know the meaning of the words, not suprising, during Viet Nam the media reported that TET "Decimated" American forces. They knew not the meaning of the word.

Decimate means 10%, we had 10% casualties including wounded and dead. The NV had 60+% all intel said if we would had gone on the offensive, it would have been over in six months. Johnson and his little weasel sidekick MacNamerra said no. But years later intel from the KGB and NV defectors proved that to be a correct report.

The American Military NEVER lost a battle in Viet Nam. We lost it politically. Iraq will become peaceful. It takes time. It takes leadership.

It takes our troops who as units Volunteer to do another tour. Which the media does not tell the people. I have talked to soldiers who say they are going back because they still have buddies there and the job is not finished.

In the media if President Bush gave all his money to charity, the Headline would say He gave too little to each one now they have to do more with less. If he sat in a chair and gave blood, they would critisize.

There are enough people who hate America around the world without those who live here joining in. Now the lefties lawyer and Hate America Firster Ramsey Clark is going to defend Saddam. From AG under Johnson, to America is wrong, to defending a dictator, who would expect anything less?

May GOD watch over those who wear the Uniforms of the US. And keep them safe.

Michael_the_Archangel said...

Kat -

I LOVE you personal story posts, and they have been very helpful used as 'Yes, what I've been telling you is true, see, someone else (that you don't even know) is talking about similar things'. However, this posting regarding Iraq is what attracted me to your blog to start with. This is Kat at her political ranting finest. If Ann Colter ever wants to take a vacation, I feel you could fill in for her admirably. Super post, super writing.

gecko said...

Kat, I always seem intellectually trunkated when I come here, but I come here often to read your words.

Just wanted you to know I wish you a prosperous new year in 2005!

Take care of yourself and keep blogging!!

Tom said...

Ah Kat, you reminded me that I need to update my own sidebar of Iraqi bloggers. They're multiplying like mushrooms and I've given up trying to keep track. Ain't freedom grand?

More to the point, I sometimes share your frustrations in dealing with the naysayers.

But the naysayers tell us that it can't be done, that "they don't get it, they're different than us over there." Some of them are just leftist snob elitists, to others Vietnam is the only event that ever happened in all of history, and others, oh who knows.

They don't care about Saddam's horrors, oh no, but if one Marine shoots a terrorist who may have been faking dead, or we make some terrorist wear underwear on his head, then all of our efforts are to be condemed. Saddam's mass graves mean nothing, but Abu Ghraib is their new My Lai.

Yes it is not going to be easy to make Iraq work. But whatever happened to "We do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard"? Oh for a JFK in the Democratic Party... I am reminded of your "Camelot" post. One of your best, I thought.

The Freedom you write about is just the point - the terrorists and Fifth Columnists in our country know that if it takes hold, and given enough willpower on our side it will, they loose. That's why the're fighting so hard against us.

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