Wednesday, December 08, 2004

General Announcement

To my regular readers,

You may have noticed lately that I have not been writing about politics or the middle east since around Thanksgiving. Not that there is nothing to report or nothing that I find interesting, but I have decided to undertake a short period of writing on a personal level. Ostensibly this is to improve my own writing skills and document personal growth or periods in my life that resulted in a change.

I apologize to those of you who are expecting to see some breaking analysis on issues like food for oil scandal or continuing discussion of the mid east problem and the history surrounding it. We will get back to these issues.

I wrote not long ago that I had many teachers that told me, if I wanted my writing to improve, I should try writing about things I know about. Well, there isn't something I know more about than growing up and traversing the strange and crooked path of my own personal growth and how I came to be here, writing on a blog.

So, I have suspended my historical and analytical writing for a bit and went on this personal exploration.

I hope that most everyone who has read the analytical information and returns here for those pieces will bare with me for awhile and keep coming back. I promise that I will return to the original intent of this blog. I also hope that those of you that have had similar experiences will feel a little less alone in your growing pains and possibly contribute with comments and your own experiences.

Please stay with us until we return to our original blogging program. Thank you.


Robert said...

No, Kat, it's *not* ok. Alright?

Sheesh, woman, get back in the kitchen where you belong!

Just kidding.

Actually, I've found your stories interesting. You seem to be a master raconteur. It is a great interlude between politics. If a bow is taut at all times, it will snap in the time of need; like the bow we need relaxation so that we too don't snap in a time of need. So, bravo, go on.

Jason Rubenstein said...

Whatterya, nuts? Stay outta my kitchen!!!!

Kat: rock on, this is great stuff.

~Jen~ said...

I think your personal exploration posts are great. I know they are not easy to write, but I hope you are able to get rid of some demons and make peace with the rest.

Keep writing, and we'll keep reading!

MichaelH121 said...

Hey it's great. I started the whole Blog thing because of Jen. Blame her. Or blame me cause I mentioned her at FreeRepublic she put that on her blog and I had to sign up to comment.

I love to write mostly poems. Some short stories. And the book. I do write editorials or opinions but would much rather get off politics.

I think politics are funny. And I am interested in what is going on. But I want to get away from it.

I don't think I ever intended on posting but well the was blank space, it screamed to be filled.

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

Autobiographies tend to be more fun than essays, as reading material, especially when I can recognize situations that I, too, have been in (in different ways).

Nas said...

Hey Kat,

Love the personal stuff, though I confess I'm only reading some here and there - time permitting. I was just pulling your leg a little.