Saturday, April 16, 2005

Equal Rights For Women: Equally My Enemy

This is rant day. I finally get a day without interruptions, all to myself where I can set down and be brilliantly creative. What do I find and one of my favorite blog sites, Ala and Blonde Sagacity, but a report she noticed about terrorist related activities in Memphis where in a group was assisting Morrocan men in coming to America and marrying American women. Of this group, one Jamat Rafal Mawlawi, was found with the following:

  • A hidden stash of loaded weapons and ammunition clips

  • $34,000 in cash

  • Two pictures of Mawlawi shouldering a rocket-propelled grenade launcher

  • A gruesome videotape of war casualties with Arabic text and voiceover

  • More than 20 passports to Morocco, Syria, Iran, and other Middle Eastern countries

And who was complicit in this organization?

"Four Middle Eastern men and six Memphians were indicted last week on federal charges of conspiracy and violation of immigration laws. The Memphians accused of involvement in the sham marriages and engagements include the daughter, grandson, and former daughter-in-law of the Rev. James Netters, a founding member of the Memphis City Council and interim president of Memphis Light Gas and Water in 2004."

Read the rest at Ala's.

Now, Ala was focusing on the point of "stop being nimrods, lefty LuLus, there really is terrorist related activity going on in the US".

My point, after reading it: "Are some women just complete and utter morons?"

The unfortunate answer is “yes”.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t think all of us are morons. Obviously, I have a pretty good opinion about myself and a few other ladies that I know, but this one thing gets my dander up in a serious feminist type rant.

Aside from the fight to be considered equal politically, socially, economically and a few other “ly’s”, women, during the sexual revolution, were fighting to be “sexually” equal. In other words, they wanted the same right to have sex with whom they pleased when they pleased and how they pleased without being labeled a “whore”.

What this meant, ladies and germs, was putting aside the medieval idea that a woman’s honor was tied to her hymen.

Of course, what that meant for women was that they needed to operate on a different level, too. It meant that, being equal with men, establishing honor had to be based on universal concepts of honor.

Not to hard, right?


First, without going to far from where I am going with this rant, women still get labeled “whores” for doing what men do. Yes, we see it every day in court and it still drives me nuts. A woman gets raped and every sexual peccadillo she ever had gets brought up or they simply imply it by commenting on her general behavior on or before the incident occurred. That does drive me nuts.

I think about me. I’ve dated. I’ve had “relationships”. I have a gun and some condoms in a drawer together. So, if I get raped, somebody is going to use that and say, “look, she had condoms and a pistol in her drawer, she’s obviously a --------“ Get the picture?

Some guy gets raped or brutalized, nobody is going to ask him how many women he slept with before hand or how he was dressed (unless he is a homosexual and that’s another rant all together).

Yeah, that bothers me about society still. Victimizing the victim. All in the name of due process and confronting one’s accuser.

Yet, in saying that, it doesn’t mean I can’t look at my feminine sisters and say, “what the hell? Are you a freaking moron?”

Yeah, yeah, I know, there are moronic men as well. I’ve met some. But the point here is that we women are responsible for ourselves now and still fighting to not have our collective honor defined by our gender or sex lives, yet, our individual honor continues to be dragged through the mud by the collective behavior of certain members of our gender.

One of those ways is the stupid, asinine use of our names and citizenship as a conduit for “helping” some schmuck from another country, enter our country and obtain citizenship.

Ladies, if you’re doing this, you are selling yourself cheap. Cheap. Cheap!

Some might think they are using this one “tool” as a conduit for their power. Once you married this guy for any reason outside of love and respect, you gave up your power to him. He’s using you. Now you are a puppet, a tool, for him. There is no power in that.

Secondly, if you are doing it for men who would not otherwise be allowed into this country due to their national identification or other associations, you are selling your honor. Not the honor of your vagina, but the honor of your soul. When we demanded that honor not be tied to our hymens, it meant we had to play by the rules for men and part of that rule set is how honor is defined.

As a citizen of the United States, it is part of my honor to enjoy that designation and PROTECT it. Not sell it for altruistic purposes or political causes. Every time a woman does that, it sets back the fight for equality that we’ve been clawing our way to for the last hundred years (if not more).

I know, there are some men who do it to. Whatever. They’re morons too. But, I’m not talking about them I’m talking about women.

Third, I cannot believe, in this day and age, a woman would marry somebody she doesn’t know. Sure, sure, we can never fully “know” someone because we can’t get in their mind, but you can know things about them. Who do they associate with? What do they generally believe? Do they attend rallies or belong to groups that advocate killing your fellow Americans?

Unfortunately, women marry men all the time either because they have a cause, a belief or just freaking fool themselves that all that other stuff doesn’t matter because of the emotional morass they convince themselves over rides all of these other considerations.

I find this particular case abhorrent because I know that some women were convinced to do this because they were morons. I don’t give them victim status in this because they look like they were fully cognizant of their activities, at least in terms of marrying and assisting these men obtain visas and possible citizenship. If they didn’t know about their other associations, it doesn’t make them a victim it makes them morons for not finding out about it just like it makes them a moron if they marry some guy who is in the mob, a gang, sells drugs, member of the KKK/Aryan Nation, etc without finding out about that first.

If they did know about it, it makes them my enemy. Simple.

Seriously, if some chic wants to marry someone for altruistic reasons, drive downtown, find a homeless guy, marry him and help him out. At tops, they are putting themselves in danger if the guy turns out to me a violent psychopath. When they marry some guy from Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, etc, etc, etc, without meeting him, his family, his friends, knowing what group he belongs to, his general beliefs and for the sole purpose of assisting him in obtaining citizenship or a visa to the United States, they aren’t just endangering themselves and their future children, they are endangering me, my family, my friends, several hundred million other people I don’t know and my country.

When we put an end to the honor of the hymen, we had to take on the other rule sets defining honor and part of that is protecting ourselves, our family, our friends, the people around us and our country, equally and in the same manner that a man would do because this honor is not about gender, it is about social and cultural psyche. Thus, when I see women doing these things, I get very upset because they are tearing down the things that I struggled for in the past three decades: to be taken seriously; to be taken on my own merits, not some preconceived notions of what “women” are or on my physical attributes; to be a productive member of society based on what I personally can do not some rule set that defines what I am allowed to do because I am a woman.

When they do this, it moves us back centuries to medieval behavior where a woman’s hand or “hymen” was sold for land, money, prestige or politics. I don’t know what their “feminist” handbook says, but mine says “bad” right next to it. The fact that they may be making this kind of contract at their own behest just makes them even more culpable in the demise of the struggle, in the demise of their honor, my honor and every woman who came before them to fight for the right of that honor in place of the “honor of the hymen”.

I get down right angry because I define my honor, my position as being part of the protection of all the things I hold dear. When these women participate in “marriage for visa” scams, whether due to ignorant altruism or purposeful political beliefs, they are making themselves my adversary, my enemy, in more ways than one.

In that, they find themselves once again equal with the men who would endanger me: my enemy.

Final equality.


riceburner147 said...

Kat: I find nothing wrong with you having a gun and condoms. Still, somehow........well, I wonder if you could just put them in separate drawers.

bwahahahaha !

Kat said...

Ricey...the gun and the condoms in the same drawer are exactly in the right place. ;)

I've never mistakenly pulled out the wrong one nor had complaints about performance issues. Of course, I've never advertised that they cohabitate in such a manner before so it may be a test yet to be applied. LOL

Tom said...

I don't know, riceburner, I've aways been kinda turned on by a woman with a gun

as long as they're not pointing it at me...!

Jim said...

I'm guessing .357 Magnum, probably a Colt, on the gun. Good power, and wheel guns are reliable at going Bang! when you pull the trigger. No messing around with slides, safeties, etc.

Me, I like the 12ga shotgun for home defense. There's almost no way in the world to miss with a shotgun at the ranges you'll find in a typical home, unless you're just flat-out shooting in the wrong damn direction or something. ;-) Can't keep it in a drawer, though.

No guesses on the condoms.

Kat said...

tom...I only point the pistol at things I intend to shoot. so far, you've avoided that designation.

Jim...I'm afraid I cannot deny nor confirm the brands or models of any objects in the drawer. Suffice it to say that one of them will put a hole or two in you without asking your age, race, sexual preferences, country of origin or political persuasion. It is the ultimate equalizer.

Jim said...

Ha! I'm just extrapolating from what I've read on the ol' blog here as to type and caliber, etc.

Where's our Beverly Hillbilly Bikers--Day 5 post? I'm still dying to find out if my suspicions concerning the beginning of Day 5 are correct...

Kat said...

Day 5 is under way actually. You'll see it tomorrow.

Brian H said...

I'm guessing these are about the same kind of women who marry convicts after long penpal love affairs. There's nothing a woman is more susceptible to than an opportunity to save or reform a man. That the failure rate is astronomical and success rate miniscule is irrelevant or unknown to them, I assume.

Do you suppose any men are suckered into marrying jihadist chicks and bringing them into the country? ;)

Kat said...

You know brian, i was thinking that same thing. I was thinking that even more when I read that Zakaria character talking about how many women come to Islam. I resisted talking about the susceptability of women to fall for some bizarre romantical notion of "protection" or how many of them are actually afraid of their independe nce and hide there since it would lose the "feminist" edge, but I was thinking that's what it is.

In regards to your last comment, I don't think there are many jihad chics in country but I bet you some lefty lulu has been convinced to help a palestinian girl with connections come over here.

But, of course, most of the women brought over here are chinese, russian and other asian via catalogue. I believe they have a whole other plan in mind. ;)

Anonymous said...

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