Monday, September 13, 2004

Blue Skies

I came back from the Ozarks today. I went on Saturday to visit my dad. They drove me down and had to drive me back because I had a problem with my left eye and couldn't see or put my contacts in. Fortunately, it seems all better now, but, my dad had to drive me back, too. Two and one half hours both ways.

We were driving in their little car. I was riding in the back seat staring out at the scenery. It's beautiful this time of year. Still green and lush. The rolling hills with their never ending lines of green leafed trees. The road cutting through the hills and the bedrock exposed on either side and areas that are flatter, but still rolling, with fields of freshly mowed hay, or second planting soy beans or ripe corn, ready to be picked. The hills and fields are dotted with cattle and horses. The creeks and rivers are high. We've had a lot of rain this year. Not as much as some, but a bit.

And the sky, it's a beautiful cereleun blue with just a few whispy white clouds, touches the tops of the trees as far as the eye can see.

A bizarre thing happened. As I stared at the blue sky, a memory returned. I have posted a few times about 9/11. One thing that happened, after sitting home half the morning and listening to the news, I decided I needed to get into the office as we might need to implement our emergency plan for our more severe homebound patients. I got in the truck and started driving down I-35. I remember I was listening to NPR as they continued to relay the story. As I drove, I noticed the highway's were almost empty.

And the sky was a beautiful blue and only dissected by a few airplane contrails. Later I realized that these were the planes directed to land at our airport.

But it was a blue sky. It was beautiful and it looked like nothing evil could come from there.

I guess not.

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