Friday, September 03, 2004

Warning - Graphic Pictures of Death

Again, the following is a graphic picture of dead children and adults from the Russian school where somewhere between 800-1000 children and parents were kept hostage for almost three days without food or water.

The terrorists set off many bombs inside the school and attempted to control the hostages by first killing about 30 men who either attempted to struggle with the terrorists or were killed just to show the people that they could do so and keep them from trying to attack the 30 or so members of their death squad.

The following pictures are even more graphic than the first. I strongly advise that you do not have small children in the room with you if you choose to look at the picture. The picture contians about a dozen bodies of dead children and several adults. If you will look, go to the inner sanctum

These are bodies of the victims. As you see, most of them are small children, probably under the age of 12. The terrorists set off many explosions which appear to be the cause of most of the children's death, though the adults would appear to be less injured, most likely the result of bullets. Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

There is a place called the pankisi gorge (I think that the spelling is correct) That is a cesspool of evil. It needs to be cleaned up. After that there is a place called the bekka valley, that needs the same treatment. Then there is a place called wizeristan(sic) again, the same treatment. After all that, sudan, and saudi arabia.

Mike H.