Friday, September 03, 2004

Warning - Graphic Pictures of Death

Normally, I wouldn't post graphic pictures of death or destruction. I refuse to look at videos of the hostages being beheaded. But, today, this is different. These are the youngest, most desperate victims of terrorism and I think it behooves us to look upon them.

However, since I am conscious of others sensibilities, the pictures have been hidden. You may go to the inner sanctum to view if you so choose. But I warn you that these pictures may make you sick and should not be viewed by children.

Here, the parents of the dead children identify them and grieve. The shock of the mother dressed in black is plain to see. She has yet to come to terms with the child's death. Her reaction is the calm before the storm. The woman in the striped shirt clutches her stomach and curls into herself. I imagine that she is rocking back and forth as she cries over the body of her child. The father in the white shirt appears also in shock. Most likely he is contemplating what to do next. Whether his first move is to take his child home and grieve or whether he will take justice into his own hands and avenge his child's death. Posted by Hello

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