Monday, September 13, 2004

I am 75% Good and 25% Evil

Well, I was floating at The Glob hosted by Frater Bovious and noticed a little blog test you can take by either puting your blog address in or pasting a passage from a posting.

In which case, it rates your passage based on the mathematical value of words, assigning each letter a value and then multiplying it by number of times it appears and other such equations.

According to the test, my blog is 75% Good and 25% Evil. Well, guess my halo can withstand that 25%.

It was an interesting test and will allow you to rate as many passages as you like. However, forewarning for those with long blogs like mine, it will not rate your blog if it is over 100kb. How do you know if your blog is over 100kb? If you posted any pictures, don't even try it.

Click on the title above to go rate your own blog.


Kat said...

On another note, it rated the Sept 11 post as 90% good and 10% evil. How is that for Karma?

pureonyx said...

Interesting blog! Good job, and keep bloggin...

Tammi said...

My blogspot site came out 67% good, and I'm rather surprised. With some of my rants on there, well, let's just say yeah, I'm surprised.

It must be like ALa72 said, the conservative slant must be the root of the goodness. :)

Tom said...

Ha ha I beat you! My site is 76% good 24% evil.

Acutually I was hoping to come out more evil, so on second thought you win.