Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Divide and Conquer - The Enemy Knows Best

If you've been reading any of my posts, I've been saying for sometime that the enemy is practicing "divide and conquer" techniques. Wedge a political issue between the allies and watch them fall apart. This was the purpose of the Madrid bombing (yes, I know it was planned in advance, but you notice that it didn't occur until AFTER Spain was in Iraq) and then the demand for the Phillipine contingent (all 51 of them) to leave Iraq and pay money in exchange for their hostage.

I was just commenting to someone Tuesday morning on the interesting fact that they had killed the two Americans first: Eugene Armstrong and Jack Hensely; and left the British hostage for last. Obviously to stir up unrest in the UK against Tony Blair.

The terrorist demanded the release of "all Iraqi women" from US prisons. There are only two in custody: Rihab Rashid Taha (Dr. Germ) and Huda Salih Mahdi Ammash, a biotech researcher known as “Mrs. Anthrax,” in exchange for the hostages.

It turns out I was right. The Iraqi authorities are now considering a deal where they let these two out on "bail". Allegedly as no connection to this hostage issue, but we know better. We also know why they would want these women out. The terrorist have their own ideas and we are playing into them.

Go to this connection to read the rest of the story. Then, continue to the inner sanctum for a few more speculations about "divide and conquer".

So...who knows how to play this game better? Can you believe that our two hostages are beheaded and NOW we are going to make a deal to get the British guy loose? I mean, I really don't want to see this guy beheaded, but I certainly didn't want to see our own hostages beheaded either. What stupid ass negotiating team do we have over there? That's what this is. This is tactical bullshit they play in America whenever there is a hostage situation.

This is playing right into the terrorists hands and I don't like it one bit. This is Britain asking for a favor because there are rumors that there will be a big ass riot in the UK if this guys is beheaded and guess who would be the target?

Two guesses: 10 Downing Street and any mosque within blowtorch reach.

Do you see it differently?

After saying it had killed Hensley, Zarqawi's group said Bigley would die next "if the British government does not do what must be done to release him."

But they did not set a new deadline, raising a glimmer of hope there might be time to save him. (...)

A Foreign Office spokesman said the British government would look into reports of Taha's release "to establish the facts."

"The UK is not involved in the detentions. It's in the hands of the Iraqis and the Americans," a spokesman said.

A deal that appeared to secure Taha's release in return for Bigley's freedom would be controversial in Britain, which has a long-standing policy of refusing to negotiate with people it deems to be terrorists. (...)

Bigley's family have hit out at Blair's policy in Iraq, his brother Paul calling the war unfounded and stupid.

British officials say the government is using all possible channels to secure Bigley's release, but will not give details

And there goes our best ally. Good-bye Britain. It was nice knowing you. Thank you for leaving us out here with our asses in the wind.

To the negotiating team and the Interim Iraqi government: thanks for nothing. Thanks for letting our two hostages get killed and THEN negotiating with these assholes so they know they can win this game.

Stupid bastards. Excuse this blasphemy, but I feel like Christ on the cross: Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.


Dilnareen said...

Thank you for showing compassion for the kurdish victims as well, have no idea how much longer are we meant to be treated as sub-humans, notice how little world cared when this happened. When is everyone else going to learn that rhese ppl just want death .. for them and everyone else
Their bravery means kidnapping civilians like Armstrong, Hensley and Bigley.
As for divide and conquer that is exactly what they're doing. Its pathetic how they have rleased dr germ and other disease-ridden friends to appease them. If they were going to do it anyway then they should have done it at the beggining at least we would have been spared this latest tragedy. Als in case you haven't heard all 3 hostages (the americans and the brit) have suddenly been called CIA operatives and therefore deserve death.

Kat said...


Most of the stories about Iraqi Civilians and police officers and INGs getting beheaded is being passed over here. Barely mentioned in the press. Only the sensational ones with movies from the terrorists are getting the headlines and, as you know, these are for our consumption so they are all Americans or allies thereof.

When I read your post about the three men, I knew that I could not let them pass unnoticed just because the latest victims were American. Every death, every beheading is a call to arms. There will be no appeasement.

The government is insisting that they will not be releasing these ladies. I am waiting to see what happens.

In the meantime, the victims of these people are almost all civilians with no connections to anything other than in the terrorists' minds.

There is no justification. I call them dogs because that is what they are. Rabid dogs that should be hung in the public square as a warning to other rabid dogs.

I hope that there will be a day soon when we can look back and wonder at the terrible cost of this war and how we were able to finish it.