Thursday, December 08, 2005

You Know That Human Rights Are A Dead Cause When

...even eskimos claim their human rights are being violated by, get this, global warming caused by the United States

Threatened by warming, Arctic people file suit against US - Yahoo! News

Global warming has caused the northern ice cover to retreat, making it more dangerous for the Inuit to hunt food animals such as polar bears, seals and caribou, their investigation found.

These animals also face decline or extinction, unable to adapt to warmer temperatures as their own access to food sources, breeding grounds and migration routes are altered.

And, rising sea levels and flooding threaten coastal Inuit communities.

Before I move on to the actual claim, maybe I fell asleep during science while we discussed evolution and the many different "ages" of man which included two or three ice ages (meaning of course that ice had receded and then returned at least twice) through which the Inuit survived and many animals did not?

The petition urges the Washington-based Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to declare the United States to be in violation of the 1948 American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man.

It also wants the Commission to recommend that the United States adopt mandatory limits of its greenhouse-gas emission and join international efforts to curb global warming.

Maybe we should blame those global warming trends on the Inuit? Makes as much sense as blaming it all on the US doesn't it? I mean, if we cause global warming which in turn causes the retreat of the polar caps then it stands to reason that the migration of the ancestors of the Inuit, the growing population and their subsequent impact on the environment caused one of those preceeding ice ages to exist or end, right?

However, then we get to the real reason they are filing suit:

And it wants the Commission to declare the United States should help the Inuit adapt to unavoidable impacts of climate change.

Okay, which sounds more feasible to you:

The United States is solely responsible for global warming and the possible demise of an entire people who in a global world that they started by migrating across the Bering Straits in the first place, will apparently be unable to migrate somewhere else and save themselves, even though Earth has experienced the same phenomenom between multiple ice ages for millions of years before the United States ever existed, or...

Some environmentalist looking for big publicity, deciding that the current atmosphere of anger at the US which includes continued charges and discussions about human rights abuses and potential torture of prisoners, gets a hair brained idea to strap on some snow shoes and trek across the tundra to get some new group of people to claim "human rights abuse" due to "environmental" abuse (because human abuse is so much more sexier than tree abuse), promising them that if they lend the good name of their tribe to the environmental cause the American's will give them much money to lift them out of their state of poverty in order to avoid continued bad publicity.

I report, you decide.

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