Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Saddam Says He's Been Beaten in Detention - Yahoo! News

Saddam Says He's Been Beaten in Detention - Yahoo! News

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Saddam Hussein launched into an extended outburst at his trial Wednesday, alleging he had been beaten and tortured by his Americans captors while in detention after a witness testified that his agents had tortured people by ripping off their skin.

Chief prosecutor Jaafar al-Mousawi said he would investigate and that if American-led multinational forces were abusing the former Iraqi leader, he would be transferred to the custody of Iraqi troops.

"I want to say here, yes, we have been beaten by the Americans and we have been tortured," Saddam said, before gesturing to his seven co-defendants around him, "one by one."

Aren't you sad for him?


Synova said...

Terribly sad. What was it he said... they gave him cheap brands of cigarettes?

I wonder what Saddam said *after* al-Mousawi said that if the Americans were torturing him he'd be transfered to the custody of Iraqi troops.

I suspect that the honorable Jaafar al-Mousawi has a wicked sense of humor. ;-)

Kat said...

yeah, I'd agree, al Mousawi is very funny. but you know, the delusionary ego-maniacal Saddam probably imagines that this would be good and that the army is still loyal to him so he could make an attempt to escape and do a Napolean.

Of course, moron that he is, probably never read Napolean's end.