Friday, December 16, 2005

Some Thoughts on God and War

First, I am going to repeat something that I've said here many times.

We have already won Iraq.

It's a done deal. It will be a peaceful and democractic state. The only way we could lose Iraq is if we literally pulled all our troops home in 2006.

You know, we won the war the minute that Saddam's statue fell. There was no going back. The only question was the exact condition of Iraq's political structure. I am always surprised by people talking about winning the war and losing the peace yet they advocate the thing that is most likely to make it actually occur (instead of the nervous nellie bet heding that has gone, it could be a real live mess).

Let me put it bluntly. We leave in the next year, the next thing that will happen is that a corrupt (more) Iraq will continue to suck up money as they slowly devolve into civil war with different states supporting one faction or the other. Then, within a year or two, the same Senators that are advocating that we leave will put in a bill to cut off funding to Iraq.

Within five, ten years top, we will be at war, both physically and economically, as the Syria, Iran client state Iraq and Iran partnership uses their power in OPEC to strangle us economically and then, we will see real war for oil, while terrorists are supported more fully through this tri-fecta and carry out even more devestating attacks while we try not to notice them. Just like the old days.

That's what I think about the "loss" of Iraq.

Christmas is under attack because people have lost God. It's that simple. The truth is, if 96% of Americans call themselves Christian yet we believe that, what? 4% of people are forcing their views on us and making us change to the "holidays?".

You lost it. That's all. We've lost God. People claim to be a Christian, but people don't go to church.

It's not a new problem or theory, people have been saying that the crass materialism of the last 3 decades has really beaten the stuffing out of faith which has pretty much left Jesus, God and Christmas lying in the dust on the road to Hollywood.

We don't have to accept, "Happy Holidays" and I don't have to sue anyone to change it. The worst thing about our new suit happy world is that people have forgotten how to fight their own battles.

Want to hear "Merry Christmas"? say it. A lot. this is about social tipping points and we, who have lost our faith, lost it because of our own machinations, not the ACLU. If we were stronger in our personal relationship with God and our community, they wouldn't stand a chance.

Maybe the whole "guilt" and "Christianity" thing has just gotten to us so much that we decided it was easier to give in? Or maybe God was too easy to replace with Jerry Springer, cable TV and I-Pods?

This is my campaign. I will wish everyone a Merry Christmas, no exceptions. I don't need a lawyer.

Of course, if they arrest me for saying Merry Christmas down at the court house, then, and only then, will be really pissed.

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