Friday, December 23, 2005

Marine Corps News> Azerbaijanis watch over Haditha Dam

HADITHA DAM, Iraq (Dec. 21, 2005) -- Iraq’s infrastructure is a constant target for terrorist attacks throughout the country. This is no different at the Haditha Dam, which is the power source for many cities in Iraq.

Keeping the massive dam and more than 1,000 Marines operating here safe for the past five months is 150 Azerbaijani Army soldiers.

Located on the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan is the host country of the guardian soldiers who left their country in July to spend six months supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. They worked alongside the Marines with 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment and 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines since arriving.

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Marine Corps News: Azerbaijanis watch over Haditha Dam

Don't forget we have a ton of allies in this thing with us. The Azerbaijanis are there getting real time experience since they are pretty close to Dagestan and Chechnya where Islamists have taken over the rebel factions and occasionally bleed over into their country. This war is bigger than Iraq and Afganistan, just remember that.

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