Friday, December 30, 2005

N. Korea cuts off U.N. food, ignites famine fears - Asia-Pacific -

N. Korea cuts off U.N. food, ignites famine fears - Asia-Pacific -

Why? Way down in the article, the truth is spoken:

"If you give the food through the WFP, it is more likely to reach vulnerable people," said Noland. "If you give the food to the North Korean government, it will distribute according to its own preferences, which are basically political."

Since the regime's priority appears to be its own survival, experts say, it will naturally favor loyal military and political elite, rather than the most needy.

Kim Jong asshole feels his power weakening. He needs to:

a) Make sure the people are starving with no outlet for relief but himself. The minute they feel a little strength, they might get uppity and think they can replace him.

b) Because he feels the power wavering around him, he needs to shore it up with perks and payments to the military and political leaders around him and the only way that is happening in the crappy world they live in is if he grabs the grain at the central level, distributes it to his political friends who will then give it to their people to keep them loyal or who will sell it on the underground market or throught third or fourth party entities to get cash.

Criminy, even China is better than this pig.

Dear Lord, out of all the leaders in this world that seem to keep on ticking, why can't you, all Mighty and Powerful, manage to drop a plane on this guy's head?

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