Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Swift Wind and Gentle Breeze

I dreamed a dream so sweet and true
Of skies the color of fearless blue
I soared with eagles on swift wind and gentle breeze
But one by one they took their leave

I flew for miles, searching far and wide
I missed them soaring by my side
With them near I felt secure and free
Without them I had lost part of me

Then came a dove that did sing
Of peace and love everlasting
Feel no sorrow nor shed a tear, it cried
On swift winds and gentle breeze they reside

It took to wing and left me there
Contemplating all my cares
It was for me they had taken leave
So that I might enjoy swift wind and gentle breeze

Suddenly, it little mattered
That sometimes my wings felt torn and tattered
I soared with eagles in skies of fearless blue
A privilege given to just a few

Finally, I had to go
Return to earth far below
As I touched down and closed my eyes
I felt them still by my side

I woke to skies of fearless blue
I heard the taps sound out the news
Another eagle had taken its leave
Soaring forever on swift wind and gentle breeze
-K. Henry

Mudville reports via milibloggers, another eagle has taken his leave.

God speed, Cpl Watkins, and may you soar forever with your fellow eagles on swift wind and gentle breeze.


Barb said...

Beautiful poem - very fitting, indeed.

Kat said...

Sometimes you just need a quick kick in the pants to remind you that things really aren't that bad in life.