Monday, April 18, 2005

All Their Names

All Their Names
    K. Henry

I don’t recall all their names
I never touched their smiling faces
I didn’t watch them grow to men
Nor loose their earth bound traces

Yet they are with me every day
Engraved forever on my soul
Brave men whose blood they gave
That this freedom I could hold

Unchanging they will remain
In their loved ones’ minds
Forever their voices ring
In the echo of freedom’s cry

Their names are carved in blocks of stone
Written bold on history’s pages
In flagged draped boxes they come home
To Taps and Rock of Ages

They may have fought for love of country
Or simply the man by their side
But in the end it was for the free
Brave men lived and died

Still, tomorrow I won’t recall all their names
Nor touch their smiling faces
But, in my heart they will remain
Forever the best and the bravest

My blog friend Free0352 whom I met at Blonde Sagacity reports that a marine that he led in his first squad was killed in Iraq last Wednesday. Marine Corporal Michael B Lindemuth died from wounds he received during a mortar attack in Anbar Province.

Please take a moment and sign his rememberence book at TBO: Legacy.

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Barb said...

Poetry has the power to soothe the soul ... thanks for sharing this, Kat