Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Interesting Referrals From Google

As I finished up Wednesday's post, I decided to check my referral log for the hell of it. I get some interesting referrals form search engines.

One of the most popular appears to be some pictures I posted from AP regarding the Beslan attack. The search engine always says: Russia - Dead Children. And the pictures of the WWII memorial where the placque reads "Before the sunsets."

What a nice way to get referrals.

Then there was that really interesting one from a translation machine that translated my "libertine vs. liberal" post. This evening I see someone actually googled it in English. In those exact terms and got my post. Word must be spreading.

Bwaahahahaha. My clandestine revolution to change the world is underway. No one can stop me now. At least two people have read that post and one of them was Chinese.

Another referral this evening was "tipping point theories" which I quote intensely in my discussions of our efforts in the middle east, including discussions of oil, cost of war and a whole post all by itself on the application of the "tipping point" in the region. That's a nice referral, too.

However, I do wonder how in the hell I came up under a search for "backwoods ass f*****g niece". I think I'm offended.

Okay, I know I've used the "f" word in a number of posts as an adverb and an adjective on a number of occassions and I've definitely said "ass". I might have claimed to be a niece. And one of my posts did reference the "backwoods" of Arkansas.

But, seriously, I don't recall stringing those words together in one sentence. Until now, that is.

Somebody tell Google they suck.


John of Argghhh! said...

Well, now *3* people have read your Libertine vs. Liberal post. I will tell ya, take out the period in vs and ya drop well down the list. I think I'll link it just to drive ya up!

I tried your "niece" referral, and you didn't pop up on the first six pages so I got bored and quit! Think how hard that particular perve had to work to make it to you... that's dedication!

But searches like that are one reason I do Gun Pr0n, and not, well, the other.

Kat said...

Yeah..I was kind of thinking there was something very wrong with a search like that.

I mean..ick!

Cigarette Smoking Man from the X-Files said...

You mean you're not a backwoods ass-f*****g niece?