Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Not In My Town: Rabbi and Neo Nazi Scuffle KCI Airport

Back in March, I related a story about the Aryan Nation wanting to set up shop in Kansas City. Due to "personal reasons" the person who was to head up this movement decided that he could not do it after all.

All the better since a big bruhaha was going to go down if they did. Several synagogues and other minority associations were planning protests and readying for a legal and propaganda battle.

Monday evening I was watching the news and they reported this incident:

A rabbi and a man wearing Nazi insignias were cited for disorderly conduct Sunday after an alleged fight at Kansas City International Airport. (...)

Go to the inner sanctum for additional information.

The incident occurred about 5:40 p.m. in Terminal C when Fine encountered Boswell, who was wearing a red shirt with a swastika logo and a necklace with a swastika on it, according to airport police reports.

“I told him that he should be ashamed himself for wearing those symbols in public,” Fine said Monday from New York.

According to the police report, Boswell responded by calling Fine “unhuman.”

The report said Fine, who was wearing a black business suit and yarmulke, then threw a cup of coffee at Boswell and punched him in the face.

But Fine said Monday that the fight occurred about 10 minutes after he initially encountered Boswell.

“He walked up to me and got in my face,” Fine said. “I was scared for my physical safety. I did what I felt I had to do.”

According to the report, Boswell repeatedly punched Fine in the head. An off-duty Kansas City police officer separated the two before airport police arrived.

This bothered me. Mainly because I've lived here more than 2/3 of my life and I don't recall any such incidents occuring. But, what was more disturbing was this:

Boswell had driven one of the convention speakers to the airport to catch a plane, said Jeff Schoep, commander of the National Socialist Movement, the group that sponsored the gathering.

The National Socialist Movement calls itself “an organization dedicated to the preservation of our proud Aryan heritage and the creation of a nationalist socialist society in America and around the world.”

The American Nazi Party or Natioinal Socialist Movement had it's convention in my town. I was extremely shocked to learn this. No one knew this was going on? It's not important anymore? How is it that my grandfather and his brothers fought against Nazi aggression and these people still exist believing that they hold some false purity of race as if every race on the face of this earth isn't a mongrel breed of some sort? Particularly in America where most people are from different nations and whose ancestors, if they have lived here long enough, probably have Mexican, Indian, Jewish and African ancestory some where in their blood or family tree.

I decided to look up this group and see what they were about, how big, and where this "convention" was held. I wanted to know if it was on public property like the convention center.

When I logged on to their site National Socialist Movement, the first thing that came up was a full screen moving graphic of waving nazi flags, Nazis marching and Nazi Eagles with the words "Fighting for Race and Nation."

I also noted the infamous "88" as part of their website URL. This is the code that represents "HH" as "H" is the eigth letter in the alphabet. Two H's together stands for "Heil Hitler".

88 is often found on hate group flyers, in both the greetings and closing comments of letters written by neo-Nazis, and in e-mail addresses.

They leave out a few other areas, like tattoos. If you see the numbers 88 tattooed on someone they are a member of a white suppremist group. Additionally, clothing or other paraphernalia may carry this is insignia.

Getting past the distrubing graphic, I entered the site and the first graphics at the top were even more disturbing. A shield with the American flag overlayed with a swastika was on the top bar with an image of Hitler giving the heil salute overlayed on a Nazi Eagle and right below that was an image of the American flag and bald eagle.

This group has equated beloved symbols of my country with Nazi imagery.

A huge notice was posted on the first page when I first went to the site:

The NSM officially condemns Fairleigh-Dickinson University for engaging in acts of left-wing McCarthyism.

This past Monday, Professor Jacques Pluss, was removed from his teaching position at this university apparently for no other reason than being a member of the NSM.

Well, finally the crazy people from both sides of the aisle finally have something they can agree on: McCarthyism, the cry of every disengenuous criminal group who would see the destruction of our liberal democracy. They are being discriminated against and not allowed their free speech.

I'm often amazed by these people who think they can engage in this activity and continue to be supported by tax payer dollars. They do it under the guise of "freedom of speech".

Interestingly, the graphic is in Support of Professor Jacques Pluss who was a speaker at this so called convention in Kansas City and was the very person that Bowman was dropping off at the airport when the incident occurred. The first page was later changed to report their version of the Kansas City incident:

Freedom of Speech Attacked In Kansas City

When Jews wear their skull caps around town, they expect to proceed without being attacked. They are simply making a public statement of their Judaism.

However, when an NSM member wore a Swastika T shirt in the Kansas City International Airport, demonstrating our beliefs, a local Rabbi took offense, first making number of insulting comments as he walked repeatedly past the NSM man.

Finally the Rabbi got up some courage and went up to our NSM man and told him, in no uncertain terms, that he ought to bow down and apologise to all humanity for the Nazis. When our man responded with a "What the..." he was cut off in mid reply by having a cup of near boiling coffee thrown in his face, and then the jew proceeded to attack him.

Can you have freedom of speech and expression in Kansas? Or are we only free to say what the so called "chosen people (jews)" allow?

As they have for at least 30 years, the white power people have adopted the "eternal victim" language made so popular by the left.

The NSM is also the group known as the American Nazi Party that was in the news in January this year when Marion County Oregon road crews put up two signs that indicated the American Nazi Party was adopting a stretch of highway.

"Our hands are pretty much tied from a legal standpoint," said Marion County Commissioner Patti Milne. "This has been very difficult, but the bottom line is they are entitled to participate."

"We can't pick and choose what parts of the constitution to follow," said Milne, a former Republican state legislator.

On their side bar, the NSM makes this statement:

It's a long way from Marion County, Oregon to the White House in Washington DC, almost as far as you can go in this country without getting your feet wet, but it's a journey the National Socialist Movement plan to make.

In other words they are seeking a way to place their name out as a legitimate group using freedom of speech as their shield in the same way that the KKK and other hate groups have used it to put on public rallies.

A short article on the convention uses similar language and tone of Hitler speeches and also seeks to propagandize by not giving specific details of the convention such as the true number of attendees which appears to be very small, but gets big round language:

Over seventy of them had traveled from as far away as Southern California, Oregon, Ohio, New Jersey, Virginia and South Carolina to be present during this marvelous and most productive Conference.

On women attendees:

So purified was their appearance, they exemplified the perfect example of what the women of The Third Reich had been; pure at heart, mind and soul!

It goes without saying that as our glorious NSM continues to grow, there will be hundreds of thousands of women who will be donning this most impressive uniform and the current women deserve the recognition that they have strenuously earned.

Purified? By this writing I would suggest that the number of women in attendence was probably six.

On men attending:

I was completely astonished by the large number of SS men that we currently have.

Large number? Without the number this page should tell you that they are a very small group.

The writer then closes his report:

Each of us will be rewarded by the knowledge that we have succeeeded in accomplishments, for then we become aware of how vital our perfomances are to bring total victory for our most sacred CRUSADE!

Look not to satisfy your ego, for our goal is to WIN back this nation of OURS, regardless of the sacrifices we must endure!.


If read the site it has several odds and ends stories that are basically conspiracy theories, particularly about the Jews and Israel. The one that almost made me spit my soda out with laughter was implying that the two Israelis arrested last year for attempting to obtain New Zealand Passports illegally were Mossad agents sent to assassinate the Prime Minister, Helen Clark. They then post a list of alleged "Mossad Agents Down Under" with their aliases. Of course, they have their 9/11 conspiracy about the missing Jews from the WTC and you should know that all of your calls are being tracked and recorded by Israel.

I had no idea that Israel was so darned active and well organized. You know of course they are actively oppressing the Palestinians, tracking every known Nazi group while simultaneously plotting to take over the world?

They come standard with your usual disclaimer about the holocaust.

I used to think this could not exist in my town, but it does. It exists in towns all over the United States. It is not just the youth who are drawn to these organizations. I don't know what would draw someone to such an organization, but I find myself continuously surprised about people in general.

The altercation that took place at the air port was between a local Rabbi and a neo-nazi that lives in Olathe, Kansas. To get an idea of what Olathe is like, it used to be a small country town that was about 35 minutes outside the Kansas City limits. With expansion in Kansas City, Olathe became a sought after location for the suburbanites. They moved away from the downtown areas and left Wyandotte County for greener pastures. Olathe is now a mix of old Queen Anne and Victorian homes with wrap around porches, ranch homes and several very new enclaves where the homes start at $250k and go upward.

In the last 30 years, crime from burglaries and drug sales has increased significantly. The oldest part of town, like many others, serves lower income families, largely white and hispanic.

Looking over the internet, I was unable to findout exactly where this alleged convention took place with more than 70 members.

Just because it isn't always in our faces, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

I only wish that it wasn't in my town.


Jim said...

I couldn't find it, either. You might think that as much as the leftie rags like The Pitch like to compare Bush to Hitler and all, that they might be interested when some real Nazis come to town. Guess not.

If it was at a hotel, they must be big Star advertisers in order not to get themselves mentioned. Although to be fair, with only 70 in atttendance, it could very well have been at a private residence.

Kat said...

True..I was thinking about calling around or following up with the newspaper to see if anyone knew where it was held.

If it was semi private with the description of uniforms they were talking about, you'd imagine that it would draw attention. Then again, if they were out on somebody's farm in their barn and sleeping in tents, they could have changed clothes there and had little attention, but I take it these folks like attention.

The asshole with the nazi shirt and necklace at KCI was probably trying to impress Pluss.

Seriously, when was the last time you saw somebody in this town with a swastika in plain view?

Jim said...

I thought about that, too, but I just figured I'd get a run-around at the Star. And I guess if the guy at the airport was all decked out like that, it seems illogical that they were trying to be incognito in any way.

I can't remember the last time I saw a swastika in plain view that wasn't grafitti, although if you went to the "anti-war protests" that Diuguid in the Star is always squawking about you might see some of them superimposed on pictures of Bush or Condi or something.

Emmunah said...


The Mexican nationalists who want the Soutwest US back say that the Zionists control the Mexican government. I was amazed by this because I did not see any reason we would want Mexico...we have our own desert you know...so I found out they are Left Wing Socialist types. It amazes me that we can lock up the Right wing and the Left wing all at the same time. All I can possibly say is we really must be good if we're able to accomplish all that! Anyway, we had to come up with our one conspiracy so here it is

They are kind of boring though, they just want to conspire about old-fashioned stuff and the deli business.

Neffi said...

Kat, another identifier these losers use is FLNS- Front Line National Socialist. Like the 88, it's meant to be a subtle way of identifying themselves as being committed to The Cause without drawing a lot of attention.
Repulsive bunch of newts, they are- but part of the price we have to pay for living in a free country